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How To Locate Your YouTube RSS Feed
And Publish It To 53 RSS Feed Directories

How To Locate Your YouTube RSS Feed And Publish It To 53 RSS Feed Directories

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Whenever you publish a new video, you must push that fact out to the entire Internet and RSS is a very powerful push technology.

By that I mean that instead of searching out a blog or website for quality content, the relevant info is sent out (pushed) to everyone’s RSS reader.

Due to YouTube’s recent revisions with it’s RSS feeds many people have had difficulty locating a RSS feed that works with their channel.

Following is an easy guide to locating your YouTube RSS feed.

  1. Go to the page of your YouTube channel
  2. View the page’s source code
  3. If you can’t find source code on your browser, install SeoQuake tool bar
  4. Look for this text: channel-external-id
  5. Copy the value for that element (it’ll look something like UCBcRF18a7Qf58cCRy5xuWwQ
  6. Insert that value into this URL:
  7. Take your YouTube RSS feed and visit:

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  8. Submit your RSS feed to 5 RSS feeds directories per day.

Repeat pinging your RSS directory urls at least monthly.

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