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Enjoy Traffic, Income, And Advertising
Benefits From Relevant Facebook Groups

Enjoy Traffic, Income, And Advertising Benefits From Relevant Facebook Groups

Build Your Marketing
Arsenal With Facebook Groups

Do Not Neglect The Most Valuable
Of All The Social Media Resources
Which Are Facebook Groups That Are
Relevant To Your Website’s Focus

This is a revised post with the current (as of November 29, 2016) membership totals for each group listed at left.

The original post and membership totals date from October 20, 2015.

Below are 10 active Facebook groups that are focused on Internet marketing, website traffic, making money online, and online advertising.

Immediate self-promotion is not recommended.

Add value to the group/community before you link to your own posts or blogs.

Relevant Facebook groups are excellent sources to grow your own opt-in email list.

Be sure to be logged into Facebook so that when you click the links below, you will be taken directly to the sign up page and link.

  1. Group For: Internet Marketing
    80,814 Members 60,865 Members
  2. Internet Marketing And Website Traffic
    57,179 Members 45,779 Members
  3. Online Advertising
    53,048 Members 41,255 Members
  4. Internet Marketing
    52,185 Members 39,254 Members
  5. Internet Marketing
    47,330 Members 30,287 Members
  6. Website Traffic Advice And Information
    46,304 Members 44,718 Members
  7. Make Money Online
    31,312 Members 25,970 Members
  8. Traffic For Your Website
    22,273 Members 21,114 Members
  9. How To Make Money Blogging
    17,349 Members 14,854 Members
  10. Blog Traffic Generation
  11. 15,483 Members 12,743 Members

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