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Increase Website Traffic – The 12 Best
And Most Powerful Blog Traffic Posts Of 2016

Increase Website Traffic – The 12 Best And Most Powerful Blog Traffic Posts Of 2016

Free Website Traffic

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OK. Let’s start with an axiomatic truth in terms of traffic and the Internet:

You must have an extensive variety of traffic sources or you run the very real risk of adverse developments made by powerful interests that suddenly dry your traffic flow up to a mere trickle.

Obviously, this serious risk includes updates by Google and advertising and promotional decisions by Facebook.

So I have included in this collection of extraordinary blog traffic posts from 2016 a broad diversity of strategies to increase website traffic.

There are no traffic problems you might have that do not have a solution. Find, study, and perfect traffic strategies below that YOU are comfortable with and then TAKE ACTION!

The first four posts listed involve diverse techniques and appear in alphabetical order according to author.

The remaining eight posts all fundamentally involve social media and also appear alphabetically according to author name.

OK. Let’s go!

  1. Brian Dean’s
    21 Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now (Updated)


    Great techniques. I particularly liked:


    ==>> #4 Copy Adwords Ads to Make Killer Title and Description Tags

    (How to get more click thrus when your content comes up in search engine results).


    ==>> #7 Link Out to Authority Sites

    The little known Google update called “Hilltop”


    ==>> #12 Embed Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags

    Learn what this quote means:
    “If you only include one keyword in your title tag you’re leaving A LOT of search engine traffic on the table…”


  3. Philip Kleudgen’s
    77 Resources That’ll Get You More Traffic Than Naked Pictures of Kim Kardashian

    This post illustrates the value of a strong, provocative headline.

    The 77 resources are actually blog posts and it was quite an effort to go through them all, but I identified a few gems:

    ==>> #9 Learn how to drive insane traffic on Reddit from a lazy ass stoner.

    Check out the fast paced 13-minute video on YouTube that’s very precise and informative.

    ==>> #13 Join an existing story to go viral (and maybe even get featured on Hacker News.)

    Refers to a 2013 blog post that still is very relevant and powerful.

    ==>> #31 How We Earned 500,000 Google+ Views & More in 4 Months

    If this Google+ strategy is of interest to you, be sure to consult my blog post: How To Increase Targeted Traffic: Join These 10 Powerful Google+ Communities

    ==>> #74 Get 15 more tips for promoting your content via SlideShare

    Slideshare can deliver very substantial streams of targeted traffic. A must addition to your traffic marketing arsenal.

  5. Neil Patel’s
    5 Spectacular Traffic Sources That’ll Help You Move Beyond Google

    Another strong headline. There is no more potent a traffic source than specified in:

    ==>> #2 Capture emails of those cold first-time visitors

    You absolutely must grow your own email
    opt-in list/ezine/newsletter!

  7. Matthew Woodward’s
    64 Of The Best Free SEO Tools To Increase Search Traffic

    I found multiple free SEO tools that excited me:

    ==>> #4 Google Search Console

    I’m ashamed to admit that I have seldom used this tool, which used to be known as Google Webmaster tools.

    The search analytics are so powerful that you would have to be crazy (ok, I’m a little crazy, lol) not to use them.

    Highly recommended!

    ==>> #8 Open Link Profiler

    Provides everything you need to know about your own backlink profile.

    But you can also use it on your successful competitors (enough said).

    ==>> #9 Rank Cracker

    Free, powerful, awesome software (benefit from your competitors’ backlinks!!).

    ==>> #12 WikiGrabber

    Strong software to enable you to benefit from all those dead, broken Wikipedia Links and Citations.

    ==>> #21 Seed Keywords

    Tremendous software that enables you to determine precisely the long tail keywords people in the real world actually use when searching for something.

    This tool is one of those secret assets that make you powerful and take you to the next level. Must addition to your traffic marketing arsenal.



    Social Media Traffic Strategies


  9. Chelsea Baldwin’s
    How to Get More Traffic from Every Post by Republishing on Medium

    An awesome post. My suggestion is to plan a series of posts (could be republishing quality old posts) on Medium around a narrowly focused theme.

    Because, with a limited focus it is easier to build your authority status and get more shares, likes and retweets.

  11. Chrystie’s
    StumbleUpon: The Ultimate Guide to Driving Massive Traffic to Your Blog

    Without a doubt StumbleUpon can generate tremendous traffic to your site. Be aware, though, that your “time on site” number (as measured by Alexa) will go down.

    This trade off is OK if you have a process in place to capture your visitors name and email address.

    Refer to item #2 in Neil Patel’s above post

    By using only her first name, the author, Chrystie, weakens her personal brand.

  13. Elizabeth’s
    How to Score Thousands of Blog Pageviews Using Flipboard

    Flipboard and Pinterest are my personal top two priorities in 2017.

    They are tremendous traffic sources when utilized properly.

    I make the same observation here about a weak personal brand as above.

  15. Matthew Brewin’s
    Top 10 Posts On How To Drive Traffic With Pinterest in 2016

    ==>> #3 8 Ways to Skyrocket your Pinterest Growth

    This post recommends signing up for Tailwind which is a paid app.

    But I discovered that the free trial has no time limit. I signed up. Check it out!

    ==>> #9 12 Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers

    Some of these methods are totally new to me (not aware of the “profile widget”).


    Pack Your Internet Marketing Arsenal
    With Potent New Traffic Generating Skills



  17. Nathan Ellering’s
    What 16 Studies Say About The Best Times To Post On Social Media

    OK. I have to confess that I have pretty much totally ignored this strategy. Not good.

    I use the paid versions of HootSuite and SocialJukebox so I know I can schedule my posts and tweets better, but. . .

  19. Donna Moritz’s
    How to Set up Rich Pins on Pinterest in Just 5 minutes

    This is an extraordinarily valuable post that will help you greatly magnify the involvement with your Pinterest pins.

    The difference between normal pins and “rich pins” is monumental.

    Make sure you act on this info immediately!

  21. Daniel Ndukwu’s
    How to Get a torrent of Quora Traffic

    This post leaves no doubt about the value of building your authority status.

    Step by step powerful info. Pure gold.

    Be sure to study “Four Things to Look for in Good Questions”.

  23. Mark Zahra’s
    How to Add Reddit Feeds to Your WordPress Site

    Very exact, very powerful info. Discovering the WP RSS Aggregator plugin has me very excited!

    This subreddit strategy can cure those periods when you are drawing a blank when it comes to content creation for your blog.

    Be sure to include in your Internet marketing arsenal “Discover Untapped Keywords on Reddit”, the second SEO technique from Brian Dean’s post listed above



So now is the time to take action and put these traffic strategies into effect immediately!

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Lastly, what traffic strategies or resources have you personally found effective? Please, share in the comments below.


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