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How To Increase Targeted Traffic: Join
These 10 Powerful Google+ Communities

How To Increase Targeted Traffic: Join These 10 Powerful Google+ Communities

Quality Targeted Traffic

The True Value Of Targeted Traffic
Outweighs The Value Of Random
Traffic By At Least Ten To One

This is a revised post with the current (as of May 30, 2017) membership totals for each group listed at left and original at right.

The original post and membership totals date from June 2, 2015.

Below are 10 active Google+ groups that are focused on Internet marketing, website traffic, making money online, and online advertising.

Immediate self-promotion is not recommended.

Add value to the group/community before you link to your own posts or blogs.

Relevant Google+ groups are excellent sources to grow your own opt-in email list.

A neglected source of engagement and targeted traffic should come from communities formed around a narrow subject of focus.

First, sign in to your Google account. Then, you can click each link and it will take you directly to the “Join” page for each community.

Add Value Before Self-Promotion

Be sure to read the posting guidelines before you publish anything.

A strong strategy would be to recommend or alert the community to some quality free relevant resources that you have benefited from as your initial posts.

Also, posting links to valuable articles by other authors together with your own analysis that adds value to the articles is a solid means of introducing yourself to the community.

Responsive Google+ Communities

  1. Blogging
    150,977 Members 67,955 Members
  2. Buy & Sell Everything
    111,507 Members 34,732 Members
  3. Blogger
    89,807 Members 18,092 Members
  4. Blog Community
    81,698 Members 34,758 Members
  5. Bloggers Of Google Plus
    39,999 Members 19,316 Members
  6. Mom Blog
    35,801 Members 14,213 Members
  7. Blogging For Business
    32,252 Members 10,980 Members
  8. Bloggers Network
    26,039 Members 9,237 Members
  9. – Internet Marketing
    20,237 Members 9,009 Members
  10. Bloggers World
    11,126 Members 6,865 Members

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