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Increase Blog Traffic With
These 53 RSS Feeds Directories

Increase Blog Traffic With These 53 RSS Feeds Directories

Ping Your Blog

Make Certain Your New Content
Is In Front Of A Wide Audience
Promptly With Feeds In A Large
Variety Of RSS Feed Directories

There are a total of 59 directories listed below divided into 2 groups.

The first group consists of 37 RSS feeds directories, where in many cases you merely have to submit your site's RSS feed.

Since this list is updated on a regular basis, non-working links have been eliminated and the quality RSS directories are down to 37.

The second group consists of 22 blog directories that accept RSS feeds in their submission forms.

Take advantage of both distribution channels for a powerful method to instantly disseminate your content across the web.

Take note of (PD) and (RL) designations:

(PD)=Priority Directory (heavy traffic, strong Alexa ranking, a must listing)

(RL)=Reciprocal link required

Finally, very important point to consider before we get to the lists:

All the signs point to the likelihood of Google abandoning Feedburner. Therefore, I have decided to no longer use Feedburner as my RSS feed.

Here are a couple alternatives to Feedburner:

  • FeedCat Currently my choice for a RSS feed.

    Here is what my FeedCat subscription feed looks like:

    Subscribe to my RSS feed
  • Bloglovin'
    A very strong alternative as an email subscription (OR on Facebook). Repetition of blog selection necessary once you "Follow", sign up by email, and login. (2 minutes).

    Easily the best looking display of multiple post images and headlines.

OK. On to the RSS Feed Directory List:

Powerful RSS Push Technology


  1. blogAfrica (PD)
  2. Blog Directory.Co
  3. Build RSS Feeds
  4. Chordata
  5. Feed2List
  6. Feedage (PD)
  7. FeedCat (PD)
  8. FeedListing
  9. Feed Shark (PD)
  10. FeedstarRSS (PD)

  11. Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan

  12. FindRSS
  13. Free RSS Directory
  14. Fuel My Blog (PD)
  15. Generate RSS News Feeds
  16. Google Blog Search
  17. Hype Machine
  18. IceRocket (PD)
  19. Metafeeder
  20. (Translated page)
  21. NewsIsFree
  22. NewsNow
  23. (Translated page)
  25. Plazoo (PD)
  26. Portal To The Universe
  27. Publish RSS News Feeds
  28. RSS 6

  29. Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan

  30. RSSING
  31. (Translated page)
  32. RSS Micro (PD)
  33. RSStop10 (RL)
  34. (Translated page)
  35. Source Forge (PD)
  36. TopSites Directory
  37. Twingly Blog Search (PD)
  38. Weblogs (PD)
  39. Wingee

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan

Regular Blog Directories
With RSS Feed Capacity

Each blog directory listed below shows an entry line for a RSS feed in the submission form.

In order to have a strong, complete RSS distribution strategy you should include these directories in your RSS marketing arsenal:

  1. Blogger Talk Blog Directory
  2. Blogging Fusion
  3. BlogNation
  4. BlogRank
  5. BlogTopList
  6. BuzzerHut
  7. Chatterbility
  8. China Blog List
  9. Dave's Travel Corner (RL)
  10. DoFollow
  11. Feastie
  12. House Blogging (Technical problem)
  13. Linky Followers
  14. ListenUp
  15. MyAlltop (PD)
  16. Nutrition Blog Network
  17. onTOPlist (PD)
  18. Sports Blogs
  19. Super Blog Directory
  20. Very Good Recipes
  21. Wil's Domain
  22. Zudo Official Web Blog Directory

Do not neglect the following procedure:

After your blog or website RSS feed has been submitted, check back at least weekly in order to record the url of the listing.

Ping those urls with a mix of the following ping services:

You want to make sure those pages/backlinks get indexed!!

"RSS Sign With People" image courtesy of digitalart at

You should get in the habit of increasing your directory backlinks WEEKLY.

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