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Build Backlinks And Authority Status
With These 42 Social Media Sites — Updated

Build Backlinks And Authority Status With These 42 Social Media Sites

Add Some Powerful Social Media Personal Profiles

Build Your Authority Status Across Multiple
Social Media Platforms While You Develop
A Permanently Powerful Backlink Profile

Some profile pages have disappeared or been deleted since the original post in October, 2016.

There are now 45 social profile pages listed. We want to follow a 5-step strategy with these social media assets:

  • Establish a profile presence
  • Participate in the social community
  • Emphasize a link to your email opt-in list
  • Build backlinks to a few of your profile pages
  • Promote your profile links with Pingler

    I use a paid version of Pingler $2.99 per month (US), where 25 urls of my choice get pinged automatically every three days.


Do not try to be active on every single social platform.

Select a half dozen that fit your Internet focus and contribute meaningful content.

And build your email opt-in list.

    Put link in description
  2. Aha! Now
    Publicize and ping your “profile” link with this site.
  3. Amazon
    Click the “See More” link.
  4. Appearoo

    This resource is particularly valuable given the range of personal assets you can promote.

    Must Have!
  5. BeHappy
    Backlink. Contribute your favorite quote.
  6. BetterNetworker

    Solid resource for Network Marketers.
  7. Blogster
    Excellent resource for your quality evergreen content.
  8. Brandergy
    This site will publish your RSS feed (left column). Very powerful.

    Build links to your profile page!
  9. Brijj
    You can add links in the far right column.
    Answer member questions and build your authority status.
  11. Copyrighted
    Publish and get a backlink. (Convert a quality post to a PDF and publish).
  12. Facebook

    Below is how to get your own name in your Facebook url:

    Secure This Marketing Asset With Social Media Giant Facebook
  13. Flipboard
    This resource has unlimited potential!
  14. Folkd

    This site gets heavy traffic. Build backlinks.
  15. Google+
    Without a doubt Google favors its own resources in the search results, so act accordingly.
  16. Gravitar

    Use your Gravitar when making blog comments.
  17. Hype Machine
    For music lovers.
  18. IBOtoolbox

    Strong asset for Internet marketers, network marketers, and anyone targeting the work at home market.

    Viral Power With Social Media


  20. Instant Blog Subscribers
    Backlink to your site. Publish existing quality content focused on a narrow theme.
  21. itsmyurls
    You can enter multiple links in your profile. Do not neglect to build your email opt-in list.
  22. Kingged

    Great for networking and building relationships. Backlinks available through comments on posts via CommentLuv
  23. Linkedin
    Learn to utilize LinkedIn’s “Share to Groups” feature.
    Without a doubt one of the best assets for making an annotated list.
  25. listography
    Backlinks and branding in one easy package.
  26. ManageWP
    EVERYONE should have at least one WordPress blog.
  27. Marketing Checkpoint
    You have to be a member to view profiles. This site offers the ability to use a powerful graphic in your forum signature. USE IT!
  28. Metacafe
    Oops! I have contributed no content to my channel.

    Great if you add videos.
  29. Record all your links from this site and promote with Pingler

  30. MyBlogU
    Unique site. Very useful for developing blog/site content ideas.
  31. MySpace
    Customize your stream and edit your profile for backlinks.
  32. (The)Noun Project
    This site is for designers of icons. Some icons are free to download and use with attribution.

    Build Your Email Opt-In List!


  34. Pinterest
    Start multiple boards and pin to others.
  35. PressAbout Us
    Had trouble uploading logo.
  36. Quora
    The urls in the far right column are hyperlinked.
  37. Sqeeqee

    You can easily add videos to this site.
  38. Sitejot
    Multiple backlinks available.
  39. SoundCloud
    Enter “relevant” links in the far right column.
  40. Stackexchange
    A Q&A site with 161 distinct subject communities.
  41. StackStreet
    Ask questions, get answers, no distractions.
  42. StumbleUpon
    A long established site with heavy traffic that I have totally neglected. (Gotta fix that!)
  43. Ted
    An easy backlink to your blog.
  44. Tumblr

    A powerful asset where I have automated my new blog content being posted.
  45. Tweet Tunnel
  46. A strong asset where I have automated my tweets being posted on this site.

  47. Twitter

    Make sure you master these retweet secrets. ==>>For multiple Twitter strategy posts CLICK HERE
  48. Veoh

    A site with very heavy traffic, but I have done nothing with it (so sad!).
  49. yourlisten
    Backlink in left column.

Finally, you want to be sure to:

  • record all your social media profile urls
  • make sure the urls get indexed
  • build backlinks to these social profile backlinks!

I automate this process with this powerful, paid resource Backlinks Indexer

Highly recommended!

Time to get busy!! No delay! No Excuses!

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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