“Shocking Bio”

Robert A. Kearse

It’s hard to say if Robert A. Kearse’s resume is typical of the average Internet marketer, but his experience includes work as a:

  • Reading Specialist
  • Professional Poker Player
  • Financial Consultant
  • Internet Marketer
  • Elementary And Middle School Teacher

The above are not listed in chronological order. A productive span (13 years) was spent as a financial consultant on Wall Street and in the New York investment community.

The current period finds the author in an uneasy co-existence as Internet marketer and professional poker player (16 years). Somewhere along the way, Robert got a B.A. degree from Northwestern University and a MS degree from City College, N.Y., N.Y. (Developmental And Remedial Reading).

Robert is the founder and webmaster of the MLM Training Web Site: I Do Not Have Time.com plus, the Work At Home Resource Web Site:100FreeWorkAtHomeTools.com

Email Contact:
[email protected]

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This post was written by Robert A. Kearse on December 10, 2015

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