Google’s Ranking Criteria – Focus
On And Adjust These Key Criteria

Google’s Ranking Criteria – Focus On And Adjust These Key Criteria

Google Traffic Rules
Don’t Be In The Dark

Keep Up-To-Date With These
10 Google Ranking Criteria
Or Else Your Blog Is Likely
To Slide Badly In The SERPS

Unless you have a precise idea of what ranking standards are relevant from Google’s perspective, it’s a pretty hopeless task to keep up with all the constant changes.

To keep track of this nightmare of endless change and periodic headache JP Schoeffel has posted an annotated list of 10 key criteria to master and keep track of.

His list is below with my own annotated additions:

  1. Google +
    OK. Here are WordPress plugins to choose from:
    Google Plus Widget

    Google+ Plus WordPress Widget
  2. Make your website load faster
  3. Easy to read and understand
    Increase default font size. ALL text in boldface.
  4. Be careful with ads to content-ratio
  5. Add text in the alt attribute on images
    I am guilty on this one. I have not added alt tags to my images.
  6. Keep a natural link profile
  7. Link geography
  8. Click through rate
  9. Don’t have inactive links on your website
    Here’s a great WordPress plugin:
    Broken Link Checker For WordPress
  10. Branding

JP’s post can be found at:

Google’s list of do’s !

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  1. Sydney August 21, 2011 7:35 PM

    Thank you for publishing this article and thanks for making my research a little easier about the topic.

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