Search Engine Secret To Increase Targeted
Blog Traffic And Very Valuable Backlinks

Search Engine Secret To Increase Targeted Blog Traffic And Valuable Backlinks

Targeted Traffic
Like Clockwork

Routinely Produce Backlinks By
Commenting On Highly Relevant Blog
Posts Made In The Last 24 Hours

OK. Its been about two weeks since my last post, because I have been depressed.

The bad part is I still haven’t figured out what got me down but for some reason I couldn’t shake it.

Don’t ask me what finally got me going again, but I hope your blog traffic didn’t get depressed in the meantime. (lol)

Here’s a simple search engine tactic that you can employ repeatedly to attract targeted traffic and receive quality backlinks in the process.

You want to find blog posts related to your niche or blog theme that have been posted in the last 24 hours.

Take these steps:

  • Type in relevant keyword (in quotes) at Google
  • Paste this in red &tbs=qdr:d immdiately at the end of the search results url.
  • Refresh the page

Once the page is refreshed you should have a list of blog posts made within the last 24 hours related to your keyword.

Make a meaningful comment on the most recent posts with decent page rank (PR) or Alexa ranking.

The first comments get read the most and therefore attract the most targeted traffic.

If you comment refers to one of your high quality posts or a valuable resource on your site, you are certain to attract highly targeted traffic.

Obviously, you want to include in your comment the appropriate keyword rich anchor text.

Save the comment url, especially if the comments are moderated and have to be approved.

Return in a couple of days and use this free resource PingFarm to ping the url of the approved blog comment.

Follow this procedure every day with a variety of keywords and varying anchor texts to produce guaranteed targeted traffic and an ever growing backlink foundation.

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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2 Comments so far

  1. Samuel Joshua November 17, 2011 2:58 AM

    Hey Robert,
    I really admire and appreciate your strategy for getting Valuable Backlinks,actually i never ever use “Google Blog Search” for this task,i use only simple Google Search,so definitely that was an update for me.The rest of the techniques i follow exactly,like pingfarm and all.

    Thank you for sharing such a great,valuable and considerable post with us.

    Good luck and God Bless!!
    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua
    Samuel Joshua recently posted..AFCI BreakerMy Profile

  2. Sybil D. Amaya December 6, 2011 8:07 PM

    Hi Robert,

    Wow! Great techniques in backlinks. Like Samuel I’m also using googlesearch only but now thanks to you I know how to make my work faster.
    Sybil D. Amaya recently posted..Make Money With BlogMy Profile

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