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Top 5 Digital Gifts For 2012

Top 5 Digital Gifts For 2012

Best Digital Gifts
For This Holiday Season

Fantastic Digital Gifts For
Bloggers, Or Anyone Active
On The Internet, Especially
Those Trying To Make Money

If you get so excited by some of these digital gifts that you end up buying them for yourself, don't blame me!

  1. Cash In On Banners
  2. Give the gift of advertising!! This is one digital gift that the recipient will remember and thank you for a lifetime.

    Not only is it an extraordinary promotional tool, it has a very strong income stream built in:

    Cash In On Banners - Cost $10 (US)

  3. Offline FIVERR Arbitrage
  4. Give the gift of knowledge! A digital gift with powerful knowledge of how to create income using the outsourcing authority site, Fiverr.

    I bought this gift for myself, and it is awesome! (Goes perfectly with Fiverr All-Starrrs below).

    Offline FIVERR Arbitrage - Cost $9.95 (US)

  5. Fiverr All-Starrrs
  6. A tremendous resource that will increase productivity and time freedom.

    All the time consuming work of determining the absolute best service providers on Fiverr has been done for you.

    The author hand-picked, then tested each service provider. He ordered services from each.

    Only THE BEST made it into this powerful guide!

    Fiverr All-Starrrs - Cost $4.95 (US)

  7. KD Publishing Pro
  8. is the most powerful online marketing company in the world, and second place is a long way back.

    Anyone can become partners with by publishing ebooks through their Kindle format.

    KD Publishing Pro is amazing software that makes the publishing process easy on Kindle.

    By the way, anyone who has a series of closely related blog posts on any particular subject has the solid basis for a Kindle book.

    KD Publishing Pro - Cost $27 (US)

  9. Action Enforcer
  10. Awesome productivity resource! I have used this product with great benefits.

    The icon is on my desk top, and I call it up whenever I have a series of things to do online.

    Action Enforcer helps me stay focused since it is so easy to get distracted on the Internet.

    There is always something new and fascinating bursting on the Internet scene to distract you from the priority tasks at hand.

    Well, here's the cure for that problem.

    Below the initial following link is a link to a Help Page with 3 short how-to videos showing how Action Enforcer works.

    Action Enforcer - Cost $27 (US)

    Check out the 11-minute video Creating And Working With Timers/Timer Groups which is on the help page:

    Action Enforcer Help Page

    Hope this post solves some of your last minute Christmas gifts problems or holiday shopping woes.

    Consumer Notice: This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



    Affordable Digital Christmas And Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Blogger Or Webmaster


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How To Find And Market Products
Online Where There Is Guaranteed Demand

How To Find And Market Products Online Where There Is Guaranteed Demand

Profit From The Lists
Of “Most Searched”
Keywords For 2009

If you have tried to or are making money selling affiliate products online, then you are familiar with a basic research technique:

Simply go to and find the top selling products for any keyword area of interest.

You can then proceed to build a sales funnell for a particular product with proven demand.

My suggestion is a refinement of this technique.

Most of the top search engines have by now published their yearly list of top searches for 2009.

For our purposes the most useful list is published by and is titled’s Top Questions of 2009

When you study this page you will see that there are multiple categories of “top questions”.

The fundamental process you want to follow is matching up products at and with areas of high interest as indicated by the top questions lists.

You should provide some quality content that answers these questions (and closely related questions), and include your recommendation for the appropriate affiliate product.

Obviously, many of the products and questions answered will have nothing to do with Internet marketing, so you will have a diversified base of sales.

When you take this process to the next level and research long tail keywords once you have settled on a product, you will be in a unique position of marketing strength.

When you add in a little article marketing to drive traffic to your content sites, you will have a rock solid source of recurring income.

You can repeat this process hundreds or thousands of times!

The income potential is unlimited.

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. That’s how I pay the bills.



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