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Secret Blog Comments Technique
Produces Highly Targeted Blog Traffic

Secret Blog Comments Technique Produces Highly Targeted Blog Traffic

Guaranteed Traffic
That Is Highly Targeted

You Can Produce A Backlink
That Takes An Interested
Visitor Exactly To The Spot
With The Relevant Information
On Any Blog Post Or Page

There is blog traffic, and then there is highly targeted blog traffic.

You can have massive amounts of the former, and much less of the latter, but the benefits of highly targeted blog traffic. are so strong that this type of traffic should be your primary focus.

Follow these 11 steps exactly:

  1. Identify a valuable resource or tactic on your blog that you can recommend in a blog comment
  2. Determine the keyword you want to use in your anchor text
  3. Enter that keyword in Google Blog Search
  4. Find recent posts where you can make an appropriate comment
  5. Create an anchor
    <a name=”BlogFoodDirectories></a>

    See Final Thoughts below for a full explanation.
  6. Place this anchor directly above the spot on the page where your valuable resource or tactic is located
  7. Create the backlink url for use in your blog comment

    <a href=””>Blog Food Directories</a>

    Compare this url with the anchor created in #5

    This is how the url appears when it is hyperlinked:

    Blog Food Directories
  8. Make your blog comments. Vary the wording somewhat from comment to comment.
  9. Create a file with your blog comments so you can copy and paste.
  10. Copy the blog comment urls to a file.
  11. Check to see when comments are approved, then ping the urls with PingFarm

Some Final Thoughts

The anchor example and the backlink url are from real life.

I have a blog directory and RSS feed directory list that I want to promote, but the list is 451 entries.

I realize that I can target specific types of bloggers, because I have cross-referenced blog food directories (or is it food blog directories?? lol) within the overall list.

Thus I can direct blog foodies directly to the exact spot where the blog food directories are located.

Instead of using this url Blog Food Directories

I use this url which directs the targeted traffic to the exact spot:

Blog Food Directories

To create this last url just take the name of the anchor, precede it with # and add it to the page url after a trailing slash.

You can use this anchor technique with any strategy that you explain or amplify in one of your posts and take the visitor directly to the appropriate spot.

Best of luck with this powerful technique.

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