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Blog Comments – 5 Profitable And Powerful
Steps To Take With This Internet Marketing Strategy

Blog Comments - 5 Profitable And Powerful Steps To Take With This Internet Marketing Strategy

Blog Comment Backlinks

Achieve An Infinite Variety Of
Backlinks With Diverse Anchor
Text With Blog Comments Made
On Blog Posts Within Your Niche

Haven't blogged in three days due to being absorbed by the baseball World Series.

So I'm going to make this short and sweet.

In general you want to make blog comments that link directly back to a particularly good post you have made.

Use relevant keywords with resources 2-4 below to find appropriate blogs for comment.

Take these five steps:

  1. Record the urls where you make blog comments.
    You may have to go back later if the comments are moderated to check publication.
  2. Drop My Link
    Look for CommentLuv Premium Blogs in the drop-down menu. Also .edu and .gov blogs.
  3. Fast Blog Finder
    I use the paid version, but the free version is also very valuable.
  4. Google Blog Search
    You will get some blog posts only minutes old, so, be first to comment.
  5. PingFarm
    You MUST PING the blog comment urls.

    Obviously, you don't want to do that until the comments have been approved (if necessary).

    Pinging will make sure they get indexed. This resource has a mass ping feature.

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