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Ping Services – Add This Resource
And Strategy To Your Pinging Arsenal

Ping Services - Add This Resource And Strategy To Your Pinging Arsenal

Grow Your Backlink Profile
In A Powerful Pattern Of
Steady Growth And Authority

I have three words to describe the technique I'm about to explain:




The ultimate aim is to have thousands of indexed backlinks from blog comments and directory listings (article, blog, niche, and website).

Its a well known strategy to seek backlinks by making blog comments. What is neglected is making sure the blog page url of your comment gets crawled and indexed after your comment has been published (approved/moderated).

The same neglect goes for directory listings. We apply then forget, that is, we don't check back, record the listing url, and then make certain that page gets crawled and indexed after our listing.

Often, search engine spiders do not crawl deeper than 3-4 levels from the home page of a directory, so it is your duty to ping the url of your page listing.

All this means a certain amount of discipline is required in the regular submission of directory listings and the steady contribution of meaningful blog comments.

You can take care of your indexing needs with a free resource called PingExpert

You can enter multiple urls and have the pinging spread out from 1 to 99 days, whatever is your preference.

Add this tool to your backlink arsenal immediately.



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