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Backlink Paranoia!! – Is Google’s
Disavow Links Tool Just A Trick?

Backlink Paranoia!! - Is Google's Disavow Links Tool Just A Trick?

Google Is Likely
On YOUR Trail?!?

What's A Blogger To Do
When Google Is Hunting
Down Bad Backlinks Like
A Deranged Bloodhound??

OK. OK!! I confess. The content of this post was provoked by my reading two exact opposite recommendations by SEO authorities about what to do with bad backlinks to your site(s).

First let's deal with info from two SEO gurus Andre Voget and Johannes Selbach.

Believe me I didn't get a good feeling reading their conclusions.

And when I read the three bullet points that followed this statement:

I got a sick feeling.

You can continue to finish this post to see why I'm feeling a little paranoid or read the Axandra newsletter at this link:(But come back.)

Is Google's Disavow Links Tool Just A Trick?

Feeling A Little
Paranoid Lately??

Its bad enough that Google is tracking our every backlink move.

According to the professional web developer, Wesley Warren, we also have to worry about the negative SEO practice of the link spam attack.

Warren printed an article recently on the Search Engine Journal website.

He detailed the extensive problems he had when one of his major sites was penalized after last year's Penguin update by Google.

Here's a sample of some of his anguish:

Its very instructive to read Warren's complete article, because he comes to very different conclusions regarding Google's Disavow Links Tool.

The link to the complete article follows:

Taming the Savage Penguin

What Now?

OK. If you're still with me, how do we resolve this conflicting advice??

No clear cut answer, but one thing is absolutely certain:

Drastically reduce reliance on Google for traffic. MUST DO!

But my final recommendation is to concentrate on developing quality backlinks from authority sites.

I recently recommended Jack Humphrey generous offer of a free download for his web traffic classic, Bending The Web.

Implementing Jack's strategy will result in an abundance of high quality links from status and authority sites, plus huge increases in website traffic.

Here's a quick link to that recent post:

Increase Website Traffic And Your Authority Status With This Potent Internet Marketing Strategy

Whew!! Long post.

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.


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