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Discover Your Site’s Backlinks In And Search Engines

Discover Your Site's Backlinks In And Search Engines

How To Promote
These SE Backlinks

We Are Going To Promote And
Enhance The Ranking Of Pages
That Have Hyperlinks Directly
Linking To Our Blogs Or Websites

The ultimate aim of the strategy I am going to describe is to improve the page rank (PR) and search engine rank of your sites' pages.

This is simple and direct process, easy to research and implement.

Here we go.

Backlink Secrets

  1. Visit and

  2. Start with and enter your site's domain address in the question box. The first page of results will generally be specific pages from your own site.

    Do not focus on these results. Skip to listings from other sites that link to you.

    With you will see two columns of results, Web Results on the left, Helpful Resources on the right. Research results from both columns.

    Record the urls of pages that have a hyperlink to you in a spreadsheet or resource like Evernote

    Make a special notation for any site-wide hyperlink back to you (such as blog-roll link or RSS feed link).

    You want to promote those links heavily, because they will be seen by more website visitors and attract more targeted traffic.

    Repeat the process for and enter your domain url in the search box.

    I found it very annoying that the search engine results were often difficult to distinguish from the ad listings.

    Nevertheless, I found some backlinks that I didn't know existed and one I had totally forgotten I had created ==>> Kancyl

    There are multiple backlinks available from Kancyl ==>> Permanent backlinks

    Add this asset to your backlink marketing arsenal!

  3. Ping the hyperlinked urls you found ==>>


    You can mass ping multiple urls.


    Free and paid alternatives available. I use the paid service at $2.99 (US) per month.

  4. Build some backlinks to pages that hyperlink to you.

    Start with a free method through social bookmarking ==>>

    83 Social Bookmarking Sites With High PR That Can Make You A Power On The Internet

    Add this paid alternative ==>> Social Monkee

    I joined Social Monkee way back when it was a free program, and it has grown into a powerful backlink resource.

    Add Social Monkee TODAY to your link building arsenal.

    This third asset is not for beginners. Too powerful. It gives you a very, very effective backlinks reasource at reasonable prices.


    My signup with this program was not very smooth, but things got straightened out. (An awesome asset).

Obviously, you want to take any backlinks created and ping them with the ping services listed above.

Get started today!!

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.


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