How To Create Powerful Free Advertising
From Your Old Blog Post Content

How To Create Powerful Free Advertising From Your Old Blog Post Content

As Your Internet Advertising Arsenal
Grows Stronger You Will Reach The Point
Where You Can Create Profits At Will By
Unleashing Your Advertising Firepower

The Internet community and particularly the blogging community thrives on quality information.

Ingenious and innovative ideas are readily shared and everyone benefits.

I have written many posts in the past linking to an instructional video or informative post on another blog and done so with a routine hyperlink.

I have now started converting those old links into a powerful new advertising force through the use of a new resource called, Traffic Energizer.

15 Second Ads

Here’s how it works.

When I send traffic to another site, using the Traffic Energizer system produces a slide in 15-second ad at the bottom of the destination page.

You will see the process in action below with the link to Traffic Energizer.

Now, whenever my blog post url is clicked, it earns me advertising credits in the Traffic Energizer network.

Think about it. You probably have hundreds of routine links to other blogs or resources in old posts or on ordinary web pages.

I routinely get comments on old posts so I know that they still get traffic.

Not only that, with social media sites, and social bookmarking sites I can re-publicize quality old content for present day traffic surges.

Convert those traffic surges into valuable sources of new free advertising firepower.

My current plan is to use Traffic Energizer mainly on non-affiliate links, but use your own judgement to determine what is best for you.

You, also, earn advertising credits through referrals and clicks on their system links.

Free Advertising with Traffic Energizer

The video walkthrough of Traffic Energizer on the above page is very informative.

Last tip: If you want your ad shown in more than one category, press ctrl on your keyboard and choose additional categories.

The chosen categories will show up in blue.

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. That’s how I pay the bills.



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