Increase Your Twitter Followers By Directing
Some Tweets At A Specific Geographic Location

Secret Blog Comments Technique Produces Highly Targeted Blog Traffic

The Power Of Geographic Tweets

Twitter Has A Big Following
In Countries Like Brazil And
Japan And Huge Followings In
Cities Like London And Jakarta

Increasing your Twitter followers can result in increased social media authority, but also it can contribute to a significant increase in blog traffic.

I recently read a blog post that listed the top 20 countries and cities on Twitter. The post provoked me to think about trying to come up with tweets that have a direct appeal to Twitter members in those locations.

The top five countries on Twitter were:

  1. United States
  2. Brazil
  3. Japan
  4. Inited Kingdom
  5. Indonesia

The top five cities on Twitter were:

  1. Jakarta
  2. Tokyo
  3. London
  4. Sao Paulo
  5. New York

Some research is needed to find what topics are trending in say Brazil or Jakarta, but the effort is worthwhile if you can add value to the discussion.

Having a link to your blog or web site will greatly enhance the value of your tweet in terms of your personal; benefit.

I am anxious to try out this strategy and will report on the results.

Here is a link to the original blog post on the blog, All Twitter.

REVEALED: The Top 20 Countries And Cities On Twitter [STATS]

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