Internet Marketing Danger: Unless You
Understand These Fundamental Threats Your
Online Business Success Will Always Be In Peril

Internet Marketing Danger: Unless You Understand These Fundamental Threats Your Online Business Success Will Always Be In Peril

What You Don't Know
Just Might Kill You

There Are Some Vital Fundamental
Concepts And Threats That You Need
To Know And Understand In Order To
Prosper In This Dynamic Internet Era

I don't want to sound paranoid, but there is danger lurking everywhere!

Danger, that is, to your
marketing health.

I just read a deeply insightful blog post by Sonia Simone at the Copyblogger blog.

The essence of her analysis is build the foundation of your online business with assets that you control.

When your business is too heavily reliant on the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Twitter, (the landlords), these Internet landlords can change their policies on a whim and devastate your business.

There are three absolute essentials that Sonia recommends for your online business.

The second of which is to build your own opt-in lists that you control on a quality autoresponder.

Think about this:

The best possible free advertising is sending commercial messages to members of your own opt-in list(s) that you control.

To learn the other two essentials and understand the urgency of the matter refer to the full post below:

The Most Dangerous Threat To Your Online Marketing Efforts

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