Keep These YouTube Secrets To
Yourself – 13 Tactics For Heavy Traffic

<center>Keep These YouTube Secrets To Yourself – 13 Techniques For Heavy Traffic</center>

Powerful YouTube
Secrets Revealed

Enjoy Benefits Of Heavy Traffic From
World’s Second Largest Search Engine

Always be acutely aware that YouTube is a search engine.

Since there are millions of videos and billions of views(each day) it is crucial to understand exactly how this search engine works.

This knowledge, if put to use, will result in an immense increase in targeted traffic.

Convert this targeted traffic to profitable list building, affiliate sales, or blog and website traffic.

Internet marketing guru, Jeff Johnson, has provided a free, informative 11-minute video that gives exact insight and techniques to use to get maximum views and search engine rankings (YouTube and Google) for your videos.

Listed below are the 13 tactics with my added notations:

  1. Keywords in your Title
  2. Keywords in your Description
  3. Keywords in your Tags

    This is a crucial tip that is often neglected. Your tags may have to be periodically updated.
  4. Incoming Links
  5. Likes and Dislikes

    Very important since social endorsements are now being heavily elevated by Google, partly as a cure for the inherent defect (dependence on links) in its ranking algorithm.
  6. Comments – Community engagement is very important to YouTube.
  8. Video Views
  9. Embeds
  10. Playlist Additions

    I was completely unaware of this tactic but the viral impact could be enormous.
  11. Subscribers
  12. Channel Views
  13. Flags

YouTube Traffic Secrets With Jeff Johnson

Check out this great graphics package below to use in your videos:



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