Secure This Marketing Asset
With Social Media Giant Facebook

Secure This Marketing Asset With Social Media Giant Facebook

Facebook Is The Most
Powerful Social Network

Act Fast To Secure Your
Own Name On Facebook
And Greatly Simplify Your
Social Media Referral Efforts

If you talk with many extremely successful online marketers today and ask them where they get most of their traffic from, a great many of them will say that at least 50% of their traffic comes from social media sites.

This ratio means that search engines are no longer the dominant source of free traffic they once were.

Social networking sites, like Facebook, are increasingly important sources of free traffic.

By the way, social signals, (likes, retweets, etc) are becoming very important in Google’s ranking algorithm.

I signed up with Facebook months ago, but haven’t done anything with the site. But I will correct that shortly.

This post is just a quick note to alert you to the fact that you can secure a Facebook url with your specific name.

Instead of using an url like:

. . . .you can have:

My link looks like this:

After you log in to your Facebook account, look for the drop-down menu from the top menu that includes a “Settings” link.

Click on “Settings” and it will take you to “General Account Settings”

Look for “Username” and click on “Edit” from the right column.

It is suggested that you use a middle initial with your first and last name.

If you do not have a Facebook account, now is the time to get one.

If someone else has already has your name, add a period, dash, or a number.

Once your profile is set up join appearoo and include your new Facebook url.



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Secure This Marketing Asset With Social Media Giant Facebook

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This post was written by Robert A. Kearse on June 13, 2009

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