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Blog Comments – Plugins That Will
Increase Participation And Control Spam

Blog Comments - Plugins That Will Increase Participation And Control Spam

Increase Blog Comments

It's Getting Tougher And Tougher
To Get Comments On Blogs Partly
Due To The Focus On Social Media
So Put These Plugins To Use Now

There are over 10,000 free plugins available for WordPress blogs, and the number keeps increasing at a rapid pace.

These plugins are extremely valuable, because they enable you to customize your blog to suit your particular needs.

Here are a couple of plugins I use that have been recently updated and I have found to be particularly valuable:


This plugin will encourage readers to make comments on your blog.

Its outstanding feature is that it enables a hyperrlinked backlink to the commenter's latest blog post!



Unfortunately in the real world we serious bloggers get a lot of comment spam.

Most of the comment spam, by the way, is automated through spam bots, so humans are not even involved.

This plugin asks the commenter to answer a simple math question (that varies), and is extremely effective at cutting out spam.


Subscribe To Comments

Very valuable plugin, which enable a commenter to be notified by email when there are additional comments on the same blog post.

This feature is purely voluntary.

Subscribe To Comments

Last, but not least, Bookmark this WordPress directory of plugins:

WordPress Plugins Directory

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