1. When we do a lot of blogging work, it is impossible for us to satisfy our work without using plugins. There a lot of plugins to use from and it is important for us to know their different uses.

  2. How about using commentluv plug-in then erasing the akismet plug-in that is annoyingly making good comments as spam. This is a problem most bloggers are having these days.

    1. Genie:

      I agree Akismet is not perfect,but what is??

      Akismet has correctly identified some comments as spam that I did
      not realize were spam. There is some widespread efforts to make
      blog comments with intentional misspellings, and I at first thought
      that the errors were innocent.

      Akismet, by the way, does get smarter as you give it guidance by
      identifying spam that slips through and reversing wrongly labled

      Best of luck in your efforts.

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