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Sports Blog Directory List

Sports Blog Directory List

Connect With Other
Avid Sports Bloggers

You Are Not Alone! There Are Millions
Of Fans Who Love Sports Just As Much
As You! Connect With Them And Promote
Your Blog Thru These Sports Blog Directories

Use these sports blog directory listings to:

  • List your sports blog
  • Build backlinks to your blog
  • Attract targeted traffic
  • Discover multiple active sports blogs
  • Build relationships with other sports bloggers who love your favorite sport(s) just as much as you do

Once you are listed in the best sports blog directories listed below, record the listing urls.

Take your url list and ping the urls. I use a paid version of Pingler $2.99 per month (US), where 25 urls of my choice get pinged automatically every three days.

Also, employ social media to promote your links including these social bookmarking sites ==>>

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Lastly, do not just promote your own content with these bookmarking resources.


  1. Auctweb Sport News (Social bookmarking site focused on sports)

  3. Baseball Journeyman (Email submission)
  4. Football Blog Directory
  5. Football Blog Directory

  7. Miles To Blog

  9. Skinny Moose
  10. Sport Indexer
  11. SportsBlog

  13. SportsBlogs

  15. Sports Blogs Catalog
  16. Sports Card Blogroll (Email submission)

  18. Sportskeeda

  20. Sports Rants

Suggest any sports blog directory additions in the comments below, and appropriate directories will be added within two weeks.



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