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Need Heavy Blog Or Web Site Traffic?

Need Heavy Blog Or Web Site Traffic?

Free Advertising Feedback Loop:
Powerful Technique To Generate
Heavy Blog And Web Site Traffic

(Part 1)

Let’s start with the definition of a [tag-dtec]feedback loop[/tag-dtec].

A feedback loop is where all components of the loop promote and reinforce another component.

This means that each member program of the [tag-ice]feedback loop[/tag-ice] is being promoted by at least one other component.

Most effective feedback loops number from 2-5 components.

Viral Feedback Loops

When all components of the loop are multi level, that is offer multi level referral benefits, the feedback loop is [tag-tec]viral[/tag-tec].

By [tag-ice]viral[/tag-ice] is meant that the loop has a built-in incentive to spread.

2-Part Feedback Loop

Let’s look at a sample 2-part free advertising feedback loop.The two components are:

  1. Free Viral Advertising
  2. (9 levels)

  3. Program Hoppers
  4. (5 levels)

When you join Free Viral Advertising, promote Program Hoppers in your advertising slot.

When you join Program Hoppers, promote Free Viral Advertising in your advertising slot.

You now proceed to advertise a 2-part feedback loop rather than promote each program individually.

You can promote to opt-in list members, product customers, and membership site members.

Once each member of the loop is receiving thousands of visits you can re-direct visits to create heavy [tag-tec]blog traffic[/tag-tec] to any blog of your choice.

Or create heavy [tag-tec]Web site traffic[/tag-tec] to any page or site of your choice.

Everyone needs effective [tag-tec]advertising[/tag-tec]

So, there should be widespread interest in this technique among those interested in [tag-tec]Internet marketing[/tag-tec] and among anyone else who needs to [tag-ice]advertise[/tag-ice].

3-Part, 4-Part And 5-Part Feedback Loops

In a 3-part feedback loop component 1 promotes 2, component 2 promotes 3, and component 3 promotes 1 to close the loop.

4-part and 5-part feedback loops work exactly the same way.

(Part 2 — Free Report)

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Need Heavy Blog Or Web Site Traffic?


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