Free SEO Analysis Of 41 Ranking
Factors Shows How To Increase
Traffic And Search Engine Results

Free SEO Analysis Of 41 Ranking Factors Shows How To Increase Traffic And Search Engine Results

Avoid Getting Stuck In SEO
Purgatory By Having Your
Site Undergo An Extensive
SEO Analysis Complete With
Suggested Fixes To Any Problems

I’m excited, because I have discovered a free, easy to use and understand SEO resource that will do an extensive analysis of any website you choose.

The results of the SEO analysis for your blog or site have a “Passed” or “Failed” rating for all of the 41 ranking factors.

In addition, any result that has a “Failed” result contains a “How To Fix” suggestion that is detailed and specific.

Beside each term analyzed is a “What’s This?” link which explains in plain English what the term is.

All of the 41 items listed below will be included in your free General Analysis Report for any website you choose.

Get your SEO SiteCheckup today.

  1. Website title
  2. Website description
  3. Most Common Keywords Test
  4. Keyword Usage
  5. (h1) Headings Status
  6. (h2) Headings Status
  7. Robots.txt Test
  8. Sitemap Test
  9. Favicon Test and Validator
  10. Page Objects
  11. Code To Text Ratio
  12. URL SEO Friendly Test
  13. Google Analytics Test
  14. Underscores in Links Test
  15. Image Alt Test
  16. Inline CSS Test
  17. Media Print Test
  18. Google Preview
  19. Keywords Cloud
  20. Deprecated HTML Tags
  21. HTML Page Size Test
  22. HTML Compression/GZIP Test
  23. Page Cache Test
  24. Flash Test
  25. Nested Tables Test
  26. Image Expires Tag Test
  27. Doctype Test
  28. Frameset Test
  29. Site Loading Speed Test
  30. JS Minification Test
  31. CSS Minification Test
  32. URL Canonicalization Test
  33. Directory Browsing Test
  34. Libwww-perl Access Test
  35. Server Signature Test
  36. Plaintext Emails Test
  37. IP Canonicalization Test
  38. Safe Browsing Test
  39. Media Query Responsive Test
  40. Social Media Check
  41. Social Media Activity

Don’t be discouraged if the results show you have a lot to work on.

Correct in bite sized steps: SEO SiteCheckup

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