How To Fill Your Blog’s Content With
Quality Material From Authority Figures

How To Fill Your Blog's Content With Quality Material From Authority Figures

So Simple Yet
So Powerful!

Never Rule Out Powerful Authority
Figures Who Have Published Content
Relevant To Your Blog's Thematic Focus
As Sources Of Content For Your Site

Here's a simple 2-step process to cure any blog content problems you may have.

This strategy works best when you have one or more well established categories, because you have a well defined audience for the themes of those categories.

OK. Here's those 2 steps:

(1) Identify content just published on Amazon that is focused on relevant themes concerning your blog.

Contribute To
My Authority Content

(2) Invite the authors to write for your blog since it has a relevant audience.

Think about the essence of the strategy. You've identified authors who have fresh content they are eager to promote.

And you are delivering an audience programmed to consume the precise thematic type content they have just puplished.

You can expand this strategy to include a site like

WIN-WIN arrangements are often long-lasting and enduring. Activate your plan today!

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1 Comment so far

  1. Vic Maine August 18, 2015 5:31 PM

    Robert, Wow man, that’s a really really good idea… now I’m gonna be up all night scouring amazon!

    Have you actually done this yet, how successful? Just wondering how receptive the authors were?

    And did you choose very popular authors or try to find people that seemed like they might be a little more accessible?

    Anyway, thanks man, great idea,

    btw, I found you (this post) via the #BlogContentIdeas hashtag that I just ended up posting to for the first time.


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