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How To Develop Blog Content
By Writing 250 Words Per Day

How To Develop Blog Content By Writing 250 Words Per Day

Write Frequent High
Quality Blog Content

Your Blog's Targeted Traffic And Your
Personal Authority Status Will Definitely
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Of Powerful High Quality Relevant Content


It can get very frustrating when you have run out of ideas for quality blog content.

The cure that I am going to suggest for that problem involves a daily writing routine of 250 words per day (EVERY DAY), plus some very valuable resources that will help you maintain discipline.

You can apply this daily writing routine to any form of quality content creation:

If your goal is to create guest posts, make sure you get your 250 word quota down every single day.

You may find that it is beneficial writing on more than one potential post concurrently each day.

Forums are a great place to help you initiate the creation of problem solving quality content.

Many forums routinely have an icon that indicates which topics are hot and provoking heavy discussion.

As you write each day your research routine may involve visiting more than one forum regarding the same topic.

I intend to apply my daily writing routine to start and finish a book that I have been researching for the past 18 months.

I basically finished the research several months ago but have not started writing yet.


Its probably a fear of failure!?! (Got to get over it!)


Powerful Resources For Your Daily Writing Routine

Without a doubt Evernote is one of the most valuable note taking resources available on the entire Internet. It is an organizational powerhouse. And it is free!

There is an easy way to keep track of your word count with Evernote:


Once you open Evernote up to any specific note you will see a top menu as illustrated above.

Just click on "Note" and you will see a drop down menu with "Word and Resource Counts" at the bottom of the menu.

This is the wealth of data you can track as you write, not just the word count.


Increase your productivity and DISCIPLINE with Action Enforcer

This extremely valuable productivity tool at a modest cost has a timer that you can set to any duration you want for any specific task.

I have found this feature extremely valuable since I am so easily distracted (sad, but true).

The timer keeps me focused on finishing the task at end before the time runs out. A great aid to my productivity.

I think you will find Action Enforcer very helpful in keeping you focused in your daily writing routine.


Finally some thoughts on the key to writing success and success in general.

I am reminded of what the professor who was head of the Reading Department said to me when I was studying for my Masters Degree in Developmental And Remedial Reading.

"The most successful people I have encountered are not necessarily the people with the most genius, but those with the most discipline."

That wisdom has stayed with me these many years.

The key to success, and the answer many of you have sought is simply to develop and strengthen your discipline.

It really is that direct and simple. I hope this post has clarified and simplified your understanding of what it takes to realize your goals and dreams.


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