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Twitter Promotion And Profits:How To Use A Potent
Daily Work Routine To Benefit From Twitter

Twitter Promotion And Profits:How To Use A Potent Daily Work Routine To Benefit From Twitter


Enjoy Social Media Power With
Awesome Twitter Assets And Tactics


Packed Together In This Powerful
Combination Perfectly Suited For
A Daily Work Routine Are Potent
And Profitable Twitter Assets


The purpose of this post is to increase your benefits from Twitter in the following 8 areas:

  1. Discipline
  2. Build relationships (in your niche)
  3. Productive use of your Twitter lists
  4. Gain lots more followers
  5. Better manage your follower list
  6. Greatly increase reach of your tweets (hashtags)
  7. Increase retweets of your content
  8. Grow your authority status


This post is not designed to be a grand reservoir of information that you might use someday.

Rather, this post is designed to give you tactics and assets you can use immediately (as in right now, today).

All assets listed have a free version, so I don’t want to hear any excuses.

Ok. Let’s get started.

(1) Discipline.

All of these steps should be part of a daily work routine. You can include all steps or customize the list to fit your individual needs and schedule.

But, a daily work routine is a must!

(2) Build relationships in your niche

Do a search using a popular hashtag or search term that is relevant to quality content you want to promote.

Follow those who are tweeting or retweeting quality info. Use Twitter’s own Advanced Search

When you want to start to build an online relationship, it is very beneficial to start a dialogue.

Use the reply function located under each tweet, which is the first symbol to the left, to share quality content that is relevant to the hashtag results.

See Step 8 below for further relationship building tactics.

Take Note: You want to be selective in those you follow. Avoid accounts that follow very few but have a large amount of followers, because they are unlikely to follow you back.

However, there are some strong accounts (those who tweet high quality content in your niche) that you should follow regardless.

Sharing high value content you encounter will build your authority status over the long run.

(3) Productive use of your Twitter


Extraordinarily important! Effective use of Twitter lists will greatly enhance your building valuable relationships!

If you don’t have any Twitter lists, click here for how to set up a Twitter list.

One list you must have is a Build Relationships list, and you should make it a “private” list.

Every day when you are going through your Twitter notifications, you should add to this list anyone who has retweeted your content.

(You should exclude those accounts with a heavy volume of automated(?) retweets, since their retweet volume will overwhelm your list).

You can sift and sort and prioritize additions to the list later.

Also, by the way, you should add to this list those individuals who make quality comments on your blog posts.

Make it a priority every day on Twitter to review the posts on this list and engage with, like, or retweet relevant quality info.

(4) Gain lots more followers

First of all make sure your Twitter profile is in order.

By that I mean your profile should contain multiple relevant keywords, because most recommendation software is keyword based, so you will get numerous unsolicited followers with appropriate keywords in your profile.

No profile hashtags needed!

Second, do a Twitter search for #AutoFollow, #TeamFollowback and #IFollowBack hashtags. Your search will find numerous people who will automatically follow anyone who follows them. Rinse and repeat daily.

Be aware that the quality or relevance of their tweets may not be high in your tweet stream.

But if you are using Twitter lists as recommended this limitation is no problem.

In Step 5 below you can take advantage of a site I use called Staged where you can identify and follow any followers of an authority figure (in your niche?) whom you think would be inclined to follow you.

Finally, bookmark this list of Twitter directories where you can find categorized Twitter members to follow.

(5) Better manage your follower list

This step is a daily necessity because of the Twitter abuse (click to see my post) practiced by too many of following a ton of people and then unfollowing everyone regardless of whether they follow back or not.

I use a valuable free site called Staged to unfollow those who have recently unfollowed me.

When I login, I click the “Grow” link from the left menu. Then I click the “Recently Unfollowed You” link and a screen comes up with those accounts who have unfollowed me.

This software is not perfect so I unfollow manually after visiting the profile, but you can easily click the “Unfollow” button within Staged if you prefer.

Done on a daily basis it will only take you a couple of minutes to manage your followers effectively.

Staged also has a powerful feature called “Duplicate A User’s Followers”.

Check this feature out, because it easily enables you to find Twitter users who are relevant to your niche.

See the site listed next named Twopcharts that will help you identify inactive Twitter accounts that are not following you.

(6) Greatly increase reach of your tweets

You can greatly increase the reach, exposure, likes and retweets of your Twitter content by improving your hashtag effectiveness.

I use a free site, Twopcharts where you can swiftly compare two different hashtags to get a current (in real time) measure of how often (per hour) those hashtags are being used on Twitter.

Note:Some fundamental features of this site are limited to accounts with less than 20,000 followers.

Once logged in click on the “Tools” link from the top menu. Then, locate and click the “Hashtag Check” link.

Compare hashtags you are considering using with your next tweets. Notice you can choose “All languages” or a specific language for the comparison.

You might be surprised at the significant difference there is in some cases in choosing to use the singular or plural of a hashtag.

I compared two hashtags I used in my tweets and found a dramatic difference between #workathome and #workfromhome with the latter used much more heavily.

With the recent increase in characters permitted to 280 I now limit the number of hashtags I use with any tweet to eight.

I can’t neglect to include Hashtagify when it comes to identifying popular hashtags!

Simply use the search box, and the most used tags will show up with the largest type. Even more valuable are the “related” hashtags shown.

I use the extraordinary free note taking resource Evernote to record the hashtag data. Highly recommended!

In addition, Twopcharts has strong features that let you manage your followers.

Click on the “Tools” link from the top menu. Then, click “Follow Tools”, then click “NOT Following back”.

I like this last feature, because of the “Last Tweet” column, located to the right, which indicates how many days have passed since the last tweet.

Decide for yourself how many days of inactivity you set before you delete sleeping accounts.

By the way, you will encounter accounts that have posted within minutes so you may be able to interact with them immediately after they tweet if you have relevant info!

Twopcharts and Hashtagify are must additions to your social media marketing arsenal.

(7) Increase retweets of your content

Your tweets will be retweeted at a significantly higher rate if you include a high quality relevant image.

I found it greatly beneficial to spend 15-30 minutes every day for a month or more downloading quality images from Pixabay that were very appropriate for my blog content. Each image went into a specific subject titled folder.

Often I will tweet high value content from other blogs/websites with images from my inventory.

Having a ready inventory of quality images is extremely valuable, because you can instantly add a relevant image to any high value content you want to share.

You can substantially increase retweets of your content by making it super easy for visitors to do so with the ClickToTweet Plugin

Use this plugin at strategic points of high value in your blog content.

(8) Grow your authority status

The Internet thrives on the sharing of quality information. If you share high value content on a regular basis, you will definitely build your authority status.

Use this list of the best social bookmarking sites to promote valuable content.

Do not just promote your own quality content.

Finally, if you are building relationships on a regular basis (as suggested in Step 2 above), make use of these social bookmarking sites.

Once you share someone’s quality content on one of these bookmarking sites, share the specific link with the author through the reply function under each tweet.

Good luck and get busy today in implementing these steps!!

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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Increase Blog Traffic From 7 Major Social
Media Sites With The Strategic Use Of Hashtags

Increase Blog Traffic From 7 Major Social Media Sites With The Strategic Use Of Hashtags

Image courtesy of
David Castillo Dominici

Hashtags Can Be Used As A
Content Creation Tool Where
You Get Good Blog Post Ideas
But Also As A Blog Traffic
Tool To Attract More Readers

OK. Its confession time. I have been on Twitter since 2008, and I am just recently learning how to use hashtags (stop laughing, lol).

Just in case you don’t know for sure this is what passes for a hashtag:


You can place the hashtag in front of a keyword or keyword phrase (#increaseblogtraffic).

You can include more than one hashtag in a tweet or post.

Take note of the differences in hashtag treatment among the 7 social network sites below:

  1. Twitter
    -The birthplace of modern hashtag usage.

    With a 140 character limit this development was an absolute necessity. With hashtags you can include multiple related subjects of conversation in one tweet.

    Just like when you have a blog post that can fit in more than one category, some tweets will justify the use of multiple hashtags.

    Twitter has spawned the creation of which is a highly valuable hashtag research tool.

    Just looking at the Hashtagify site you might never guess that it has a free membership.

    By clicking the “Add to my hastags” link from the top center menu, you will reveal the drop-down menu to join.

    Some quick benefits:
    —Save and manage your hashtags
    —Receive hashtag alerts
    —Get your hastag definitions featured

    You can also watch a free video explaining regarding hashtag strategy and how to use Hashtagify at Make your Hashtags work using Hashtagify with Dan Mazzini
  2. Facebook
    -Hashtag use not as strong and as valuable as on Twitter.

    One asset:Click on a Facebook hashtag and you will be directed to a list of posts containing the same hashtag.

    Results are not limited to people who are your “friends” or “fans”.

  3. Google+
    -Do a hashtag search in Google+ and the search results will show on the left and center.

    At top left will appear a list of related hashtags semantically related to your search hashtag. Very valuable.
  4. Instagram
    -Hashtags help to categorize all the images on Instagram.

    Use hashtags whenever you create an Instagram photo challenge.

    A good challenge gets shared widely. (A great promotional tool).
  5. Pinterest
    -I don’t see any difference in a search with or without a hashtag.

    But, be aware that you can include multiple hashtags in the pin description.
  6. Tumblir
    -Great tagging action! When you create a post, enter the tags in the field at the bottom of the post form.

    — You don’t need to put a tag in quotes or start with a hash symbol (#).

    — Hit enter to separate each tag.

    — Limit of 20 tags.

    In order to track a tag:

    — Open a Tag page by clicking a tag wherever it appears on the Tumblir Dashboard, or by going directly to

    — Click “Track this tag” below the tag name.
  7. Vine
    -Use one or more hastags with each video. This will maximize the opportunities for your video to get shared.
  8. A simple summary. Hashtags make it easy for readers to find and share your content!

    Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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