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12 Steps To Implement A Powerful
Image Strategy For Your Blog

12 Steps To Implement A Powerful Image Strategy For Your Blog

Image Traffic Secrets

Images Are Potent And Are
Readily Shared Across The
Internet Through Pinterest
And Like Minded Networks

Including images in your blog posts draws your visitors in since most people will scan rather than read your posts word for word.

There are many sources for free images that can be downloaded.

Be aware that images called royalty free may actually require a one time fee.

Copyright free images are essentially completely free.

Follow these 12 steps for an effective image strategy:

  1. Download suitable images for your blog/site's content from any or all of the following free image sites:

  2. Upload images to your blog's (WordPress) media library.

    Having them in the media library means you will have a ready made image url for insertion in your posts.
  3. Start each post with content appropriate image. (150 X 130 pixels - Image will show up in your RSS feeds.)
  4. Use images within your blog posts and make sure you have an Image Resizer in your marketing arsenal.
  5. Make you have joined Pinterest
  6. Create one or more boards on Pinterest that correspond to your blog content.
  7. ***************

    Great Graphics Collection

  8. Add Pinterest “Pin It” buttons to your blog
  9. Ask your blog visitors to pin your images to their Pinterest boards.
  10. Make sure you have an RSS feed from Feedburner

    Submit your RSS feed to Bloglovin
  11. Make 3-5 blog posts on same closely related topic
  12. Find your RSS url on Bloglovin

    Note my example RSS feed on Bloglovin TrafficNymphomaniac's RSS Feed
  13. Promote your Bloglovin RSS feed on social networks when you have a series (3-5) of closely related posts in succession.

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