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Multiply The Retweets Of Your Twitter
Content By Including Relevant Images

Multiply The Retweets Of Your Twitter Content By Including Relevant Images

Sure, I will gladly retweet
Your content. Its that good!

Tweets With Photos Routinely Get
Retweeted At A Higher Rate So Use
These 6 Resources And Strategies
To Multiply Your Impact On Twitter

First of all success on Twitter is not measured by the total number of followers you have.

Success is measured by the level of engagement you have with your followers and with those you follow.

Its an interactive exchange and a dynamic process. You want to provoke a value exchange consisting of ideas, strategies, resources, blog comments, etc.

Since many on Twitter have thousands of followers the unending supply of tweets can seem like a massive blur.

The inclusion of provocative or highly relevant photos, images, logos, etc. will make your tweet stand out from the rest.

6 Image Resources And Strategies

  1. Increase your inventory of photos, images and logos with this set of resources:

    Free Digital Photos
    Free Photos Bank
  2. Use the photos of your choice to produce images like the following with All Layed Out’s Fancy Photo Cube Gadget:

    Fancy Photo Cube

    When you upload photos to the cube, make sure the photo appears in the rotating cube with each press of the upload button.

    Also, you can control how the cube rotates.
  3. Add Lunapic to your image arsenal.

    A nice clean cube that is sure to fit certain needs you will have. But you can add effects to the cube (see choices at bottom of Lunapic page).
  4. You can add text to your photos with Roflbot!!1!

    Humor can go a long way in making your tweet go viral!!
  5. Relate your image to the hot topics of the day. Use a resource like Google Trends to find strong trending search topics.
  6. Create your own images or logos with Xara 3D Maker 7

    The above image was created with Xara 3D Maker 7. Images you create do not have to be animated.

    There are all different types of animation you can choose. In addition, you can set limits on the number of repetitions or duration of the animation.

    Insert these types of images in your Twitter tweets and significantly increase the level of retweets, the degree of interaction with followers, and the amount of targeted traffic your blog receives.

    By the way, this software would make a great gift (birthday, holiday, Christmas) for anyone active online, ages 10 to 100.

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