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Increase Twitter Retweets, Mentions, And
Likes With This Simple Technique–UPDATED

Increase Twitter Retweets, Mentions, And Likes With This Simple Technique–UPDATED

Simple Twitter Strategy
With Immediate Results

Engage With Your Twitter
Followers On A Regular
Basis By Alerting Them
To Your Quality Content

When your engagement increases with your Twitter followers, you should enjoy these benefits:

  • More retweets, mentions, and likes
  • Higher Klout score
  • Stronger relationships
  • Increased authority status

You want to alert particular Twitter followers to your specific quality content that you know they will be interested in.

Here are 15 steps to take on a regular schedule that will assure you reach that goal and enjoy the above benefits.

Since Twitter no longer emails individual notifications of new followers, this post has necessarily been updated.

  1. Turn off any automatic following of those who follow you wherever that may be
  2. Log into Twitter. Click on “Notifications” from the top menu. You will find a graphic that looks something like this:

    Click the icons to go to the individual Twitter profiles of those you want to share quality info with (in order to add them to relevant lists).

    With others you can simply click “Follow” as their profile appears when you place the cursor over their icon.

    This notification list will change during the day so check back for additions. Plus, check the previous day since late additions will creep in there, also.
  3. Enter those you follow (and want to build relationships with) on different private Twitter lists based on your Content Categories and their profile interests or website content.

    You are going to alert these new followers to relevant quality blog content as specified below (steps 6-11)

    (See this blog post on) How To Set Up A Twitter List

    Step 3 is important, because you can easily follow tweets on relevant topics and build relationships using Twitter lists.
  4. Compile a list of tweets of your best quality blog or website content. Add high quality, relevant tweets from other sources. Be sure to include attribution (as in via @. . .)
  5. Automate your tweets with Social Jukebox

    I use a paid version, but there is a free alternative. Here is a sample of tweets I have ready to go (and that are being published on a regular basis:

    I have over 40 “targeted tweets” entered on Social Jukebox ready to go. Include quality content from other sources, not just your own.
  6. Use a note taking asset like Evernote to record in the same Twitter list categories you set up, the Twitter identities of designated new followers.

    I set up a notebook called !! Social Media and !! Tweets @ is the title of the relevant note in that notebook:

    @abc @def
    @ghi @jkl @888
    @mno @zyx @222 @922
    @axx @991
    @pqr @488 @119 @555
    @stu @vwx @333 @739

    The above are the categories of my private Twitter Lists and the categories where I am sharing my and others’ quality content.

    Just add the Twitter ID of chosen new followers to the relevant category on your Evernote list
  7. (The !! is included in the titles to push it to the top of an alphabetized Evernote list).
  8. When you have 4 Twitter IDs in the same category, copy and paste them at the end of the relevant tweet you have saved in Social Jukebox ==>> Then, Publish your tweet.

    The DONE notation (see #6 above) indicates that you have published a tweet with those IDs immediately below included.

  9. Be sure to include 2-3 relevant hashtags in your tweets. Such hashtags will greatly increase your likes and retweets, because many more people who don’t follow you will discover your quality content.

    Here is a tweet I regularly publish on Relevant Hashtags

    You may have to alter your title to fit in important hashtags, but it is definitely worth the effort.
  10. Be sure to include a relevant image with your tweet

    For a source of high quality images that require no attribution consult Pixabay
  11. Sample Tweets
    Moms-Women Blog Directories

    This is a tweet, with image, ready to go, and I simply delete the Twitter IDs once published and enter a new set when I have 4 new IDs I want to reach.

    Here is another tweet I recently saved from another blogger: Powerful Blog Content Formula!

    This process is very powerful since you are constantly alerting new followers in your niche to quality content.
  12. When your tweets get liked, retweeted or mentioned ==>>

    Add anyone who takes any of the above actions to the appropriate private Twitter list.

    These are the priority individuals that you want to build relationships with. You have already started to build authority status with a valuable tweet that got recognized.

    If you have high quality old content that has an evergreen character, you can tweet this content out to a specific individual who has already retweeted or liked your content. Very, very powerful!

    Do not limit the sharing of high quality info to just your own content. Include the awesome stuff you have discovered from other sources that you have found to be very valuable.
  13. Once you have included followers in a tweet and they have retweeted, mentioned, or liked the tweet, visit their blog and add a meaningful comment on a relevant post.

    If the site is an ordinary website, tweet a link to quality content. Include their Twitter ID.
  14. Visit 1-3 followers sites EVERY DAY as part of a daily work routine.

    Over the long-term this approach is guaranteed to build relationships, increase your authority status, and multiply the retweets and backlinks to your own quality content.
  15. When you encounter someone influential in your niche, it is just seconds worth of effort to copy and paste that individual’s Twitter ID in a stored tweet with Social Jukebox and publish instantly. Or use any other automated resource.

    This effort can be the first step in a successful effort to build a relationship with someone with a strong presence in your niche.

    Start today building your relationships and authority status.

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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