Blog Headline Magic – I Just Discovered The
Funniest Headline Of The Year, Bar None!

Blog Headline Magic – I Just Discovered The Funniest Headline Of The Year, Bar None!

Traffic Magnets

Is It True That Some Blog Traffic
Strategies Do Not Have To Pay An
Immediate Monetary Dividend??

OK now! If you don’t find the following headline funny blame it on my weird sense of humor.

10 Awesome Ways To Make
NO Money With Blog Traffic

This headline comes from Ana Hoffman’s May, 2012 blog post on her Traffic Generation Cafe blog.

I expected to find 10 methods of traffic generation that were essentially a waste of time (presumably used by the masses).

Since blog traffic is a primary focus of this blog, I was naturally curious to see the content behind the headline.

When I stopped laughing, I clicked the link to read the entire post.

It turns out that this was a trick headline. The post content was 100% serious.

It was not about wasted blog traffic strategies at all.

Instead it detailed blog traffic strategies for brand awareness, self promotion, and higher search engine rankings.

In other words there is plenty of value in traffic that does not immediately make the cash register ring.

Here is Ana’s list of 10 blog traffic magnets:

  1. High-volume, “non-monetary” searches
  2. Create Controversy
  3. Cover an Industry Event
  4. Make Your Own Top Ten List
  5. Simplify Complex Issues
  6. Install a translator plugin
  7. Submit Posts to Blog Carnivals
  8. Leverage Social Bookmarking Sites
  9. Create a List of Top Ten Blogs in Your Niche
  10. Your Turn!

Ana has a full explanation for each traffic magnet, but here is what my own evaluation emphasizes:

#3-Cover an Industry event

Often you can get free admission as a member of the media. You, also, can get an endless supply of ideas for future content.

Plus, there is tremendous value being put on vendor’s and publisher’s mailing lists since you may get advance notice of new product or service releases.

Here is a link to a previous blog post I wrote on this method:

Content Is King With Blogs And You Will Be Emperor Of The Blog Universe If You Take Advantage Of This Secret

#4-Make Your Own Top Ten List

Annotated lists are the best.

When you make a top 10 list in your niche, be sure to notify the top 10 members by email or blog contact form that they are on the list.

You will find that they will often link back to your site or mention and link to it in a post.

#5-Simplify Complex Issues

This may be the most valuable magnet of all!!

I hate to admit this, but several years ago when Twitter just started, I joined, but it was a couple of weeks before I could even figure out how to post a new tweet. (Shhhh – don’t tell anyone.)

Anyway, if you can make a how-to video showing how to use or master one or all of Twitter’s features, you will attract tremendous traffic.

You can post the video on YouTube as well as embed in your blog post.

The same process can be applied with huge benefits to Facebook, which is definitely not user-friendly.

Here is an example of a Facebook-related post I made:

How To Add Your Blog’s RSS Feed To Facebook

You will get significant social network traffic from such posts.

Don’t forget, be prepared to monetize your traffic by building an opt-in email list:

Strong List Building Resource

Here is a link to Ana’s full blog post:
10 Awesome Ways to Make NO Money With Blog Traffic

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. That’s how I pay the bills.



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