Build Your Authority Status By Becoming An In
Demand Resource For Heavily Trafficked Sites

Build Your Authority Status By Becoming An In Demand Resource For Heavily Trafficked Sites

Authority Should Be Great
For Your Financial Health

Social Media Giants Like Facebook
And Twitter Could Be The Basis For
Your Personal Fame, Fortune And
Authority Status In Unexpected Ways

I'm a little reluctant to reveal this secret, but taking advantage of this info should bring you fame and fortune.

Extremely successful social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are constantly innovating and upgrading functional features on their respective sites.

But what these sites are very poor at is explaining HOW to use all of these new features, bells and whistles, etc., that they are constantly introducing.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that when I first joined Twitter several years ago, it was two weeks before I figured out how to post an original tweet.(Ouch!)

Here's the point in a nutshell.Facebook has tons of features I have no clue how to use. Embarrassing but true.

Similarly, I only recently became aware of how to use Twitter's hashtags. Plus, I have clicked on a bunch of links on Twitter that leave me puzzled.

The Profitable Cure

Any blog or web site that serves as a tutorial for all the functional features of any popular social media site will have an instant, hungry audience.

In addition as your site or blog becomes more comprehensive, you may be linked to by the social media sites you are referencing.

An integral part of your tutorial efforts should be short, concise YouTube videos. Set up a separate channel for each social media site.

You can publicize your sites on the social media giants themselves, but also you should use a core group of social bookmarking sites. See:

83 Social Bookmarking Sites With High PR

Or, establish an appropriate Google Hangout

Publicizing your sites should be the least of your worries!

Obviously, for maximum profitability you must have list building resources in place on your sites to take advantage of the heavy traffic such as:List Building Software

Other social media sites with very heavy traffic include:


Start building your authoritative tutorial/reference site.


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