Depth Of Knowledge And Authority
Status Should Go Hand In Hand If Your
Internet Marketing Skills Are Acute

Depth Of Knowledge And Authority Status Should Go Hand In Hand If Your Internet Marketing Skills Are Acute

Magnify Your
Authority Status

Attending Conferences That Are
Focused On The Central Themes
Of Your Blog Or Web Site Is An
Excellent Method To Increase Your
Knowledge Base & Authority Status

I have not posted on a regular basis this past month due to my absorption with the presidential race in the United States.

The weekend after the election I indulged in a poker marathon at the Venetian casino, here in Las Vegas.

I started play Saturday night at about 10:00 P.M. and finished playing at about 4:00 P.M. Monday afternoon.

I was stuck big time for most of the session, but came back to score a modest win.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. This is a short post about quality blog content, an endless source for such content, and growing your stature as an authority figure in your area of focus.

A prime source of quality, up-to-the-minute information are conferences centered around specific thematic subjects.

Of course, there are usually cost considerations involved when choosing to attend most conferences.

However, if you can gain recognition as a member of the blogging social media, attendance is possible at zero cost.

If you write reviews or feature new or valuable products or services in your area of focus, you are likely to be granted press status, as a blogger.

This is one strong reason why it is important to maintain a regular posting schedule for your blog, whatever its focus.

Here's a short list of content benefits available at conferences:

  1. Interviews
  2. Live streaming
  3. Podcasts
  4. Pictures
  5. Press releases

Build Your Marketing Arsenal

Below is a link to two valuable free resources.

First, Lanyrd keeps track of past and upcoming conferences on an infinite variety of subjects.

You can join free, sign-up to track or attend conferences of interest. There is even a method of communicating with others who are tracking or intend to attend the same conference as you. Highly recommended!

The Social Conference Directory

Livestream is a free resource that you can use to stream live events (interviews, etc.) at the conferences you attend.

However, don't limit your use of this valuable resource.

You can use it for interviews of local businessmen or persons in the news:

Stream YOUR Live Event

Finally, turn your interviews into permanent podcasts and use Twitter and other social media resources to link to these podcasts and build your authority status.

You should make repeated tweets and such over a course of months linking to the best quality podcasts.

Also, be sure to refer to my previous post:

Content Is King With Blogs And You Will Be Emperor Of The Blog Universe If You Take Advantage Of This Secret

Consumer Notice: This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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