Increase Blog Traffic From 7 Major Social
Media Sites With The Strategic Use Of Hashtags

Increase Blog Traffic From 7 Major Social Media Sites With The Strategic Use Of Hashtags

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David Castillo Dominici

Hashtags Can Be Used As A
Content Creation Tool Where
You Get Good Blog Post Ideas
But Also As A Blog Traffic
Tool To Attract More Readers

OK. Its confession time. I have been on Twitter since 2008, and I am just recently learning how to use hashtags (stop laughing, lol).

Just in case you don’t know for sure this is what passes for a hashtag:


You can place the hashtag in front of a keyword or keyword phrase (#increaseblogtraffic).

You can include more than one hashtag in a tweet or post.

Take note of the differences in hashtag treatment among the 7 social network sites below:

  1. Twitter
    -The birthplace of modern hashtag usage.

    With a 140 character limit this development was an absolute necessity. With hashtags you can include multiple related subjects of conversation in one tweet.

    Just like when you have a blog post that can fit in more than one category, some tweets will justify the use of multiple hashtags.

    Twitter has spawned the creation of which is a highly valuable hashtag research tool.

    Just looking at the Hashtagify site you might never guess that it has a free membership.

    By clicking the “Add to my hastags” link from the top center menu, you will reveal the drop-down menu to join.

    Some quick benefits:
    —Save and manage your hashtags
    —Receive hashtag alerts
    —Get your hastag definitions featured

    You can also watch a free video explaining regarding hashtag strategy and how to use Hashtagify at Make your Hashtags work using Hashtagify with Dan Mazzini
  2. Facebook
    -Hashtag use not as strong and as valuable as on Twitter.

    One asset:Click on a Facebook hashtag and you will be directed to a list of posts containing the same hashtag.

    Results are not limited to people who are your “friends” or “fans”.

  3. Google+
    -Do a hashtag search in Google+ and the search results will show on the left and center.

    At top left will appear a list of related hashtags semantically related to your search hashtag. Very valuable.
  4. Instagram
    -Hashtags help to categorize all the images on Instagram.

    Use hashtags whenever you create an Instagram photo challenge.

    A good challenge gets shared widely. (A great promotional tool).
  5. Pinterest
    -I don’t see any difference in a search with or without a hashtag.

    But, be aware that you can include multiple hashtags in the pin description.
  6. Tumblir
    -Great tagging action! When you create a post, enter the tags in the field at the bottom of the post form.

    — You don’t need to put a tag in quotes or start with a hash symbol (#).

    — Hit enter to separate each tag.

    — Limit of 20 tags.

    In order to track a tag:

    — Open a Tag page by clicking a tag wherever it appears on the Tumblir Dashboard, or by going directly to

    — Click “Track this tag” below the tag name.
  7. Vine
    -Use one or more hastags with each video. This will maximize the opportunities for your video to get shared.
  8. A simple summary. Hashtags make it easy for readers to find and share your content!

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