5 Powerful Steps To Increase
Targeted Traffic To Your Website With
An Easy-To-Set-Up Blog Comment Strategy

5 Powerful Steps To Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Website With An Easy-To-Set-Up Blog Comment Strategy

Targeted Traffic
You Can Depend On

The Emphasis On Social Media
Interaction Has Reduced Blog
Comment Activity But Put This
Strategy In Place For Some
Heavy Targeted Website Traffic

First, understand this:The first blog comments to a blog post typically are the most read.

If these comments are meaningful, (make sure yours are) they will provoke replies from the author of the post and from readers.

Follow these 5 simple but potent steps to make certain you are among the first to comment and make sure your comments are relevant to keywords that are important to your blog/website.

  1. Create a separate email account just for this strategy:
  2. Create at least two different posts around 2 or 3 closely related important keywords that you can refer to in your blog comments.
  3. Set up alerts for these 2 or 3 keywords with:

    Talkwalker Alerts

    Under “Result Type” select “Blogs”.

    Under “How Often” select “Once a day”.

    But, once you login “Edit” this selection to “As it happens”, which means you will get prompt notification when the relevant blog post is published.

    Under “How Many” start out with “Only the best results”.

    Also, set up alerts with:

    Google Alerts

    Enter your keyword in the “Create an alert about. . .” box. Click “Show options”.

    Under “How often” select “As-it-happens”.

    Under “Sources” select “Blogs”.

    Under “How Many” start out with “Only the best results”.
  4. Review your alert notifications and try to be among the first to comment on the relevant blog post.

    Your comment should have 1 and/or pieces of meaningful content:

    —– A valuable suggestion (re:additional strategy or free resource) that adds depth to the original post.

    —– An additional suggestion to review a relevant specific point in your own blog post (use a varied keyword rich anchor text).
  5. Bookmark the url of your comment or keep the url in a hyperlinked resource (e.g., Evernote

    You want to be sure your backlink gets indexed as soon as possible. If the comment is live immediately, ping it immediately with PingFarm !!
  6. You may have to check back to see when your comment gets published. Once approved, ping the blog post url (dropping the comment#).

    This step assures any backlink you create will get indexed.

Get Your Blog Comment In First

This is an extremely powerful strategy since you can use it with hundreds (thousands?) of keywords that are relevant to your blog or website.

I use this strategy to make comments on blogs that discuss listing in blog directories

Once I add some insights into the benefits of directory listings, I then mention my list of blog directories and RSS feed directories (updated weekly) complete with a keyword hyperlink to the list.

Finally, be aware that bloggers still greatly appreciate comments on their posts. Both post authors and readers are likely to click on your suggested link if your comment is meaningful and adds to the discussion.

If you have an email list that visitors can subscribe to, then the value of this targeted traffic that you have created goes through the roof.

Set up your alerts right now!!

Consumer Notice:This is an affiliate ad supported blog. That means if you buy something from a link or ad on this site, or based on my recommendation, either expressed or implied, I may get paid an affiliate commission. Helps to pay the bills.



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