Blog Directory And RSS Directory List Benefits –
Effective Website Promotion That Attracts Targeted Traffic

Blog Directory And RSS Directory Benefits - Effective Website Promotion That Attracts Targeted Traffic

Free Url Submission To Over 300
Free Directory Submission Sites

How To Promote Your Blog When You
Submit RSS Feed Or By Url Submission
To This List Of Blog Directories That
Is Updated Bi-Weekly (No Dead Links!)

Enjoy these web directory benefits:

  • Find blogs with similar themes
  • Build relationships with bloggers with same interests
  • Targeted traffic
  • Add url free and enjoy backlink SEO benfits

    (not what they used to be)
  • Another way for established marketers/bloggers to find YOU
  • Submit RSS feed of your blog to RSS directories as well as blog directories that also accept RSS feeds

Features of this list:

  • Updated bi-weekly. Any blog directory with technical problems notated.
  • You can save your precious time by skipping over sites where a technical problem has been noted.
  • Only sites that offer a free directory submission alternative are included.
  • Reciprocal link directories notated
  • Priority (PD) (must join) directories notated
  • You can suggest a new blog directory be added through a comment below.

Initial Blog Directory Total:145
Current Web Directory Total:318

  1. 5 Minutes For Mom (Contact form submission)

    Also, see:Moms Blog Directory List Add blog now!

  2. Add Your Blog Free (Email submission)

  3. AfroBloggers

  4. All-Blogs

  5. Art Blog Directory

  6. Art Blog Directory

  7. Art Of Saving

  8. Autopinger

  9. Bali RSS
    (Reciprocal link required)

  10. Baseball Journeyman (Email submission)
    info AT

    Also, see:Sports Blog Directory List Easy url submission.

  11. B Collection

  12. Best Of The Web

  13. Best Travel Blog Directory

    Also, see:
    Travel Blog Directory
    Travel Blog Directory List

  14. Bella Harte Books

    Also, see:Book Blog Directory List for free website submission.

  15. Best of Weblogs

  16. Blogadda
    (Reciprocal link required)
    Visit to discover Indian blogs
  17. Blogadr

  18. blogAfrica (PD)

  19. Blogaholic Directory
    (Reciprocal link [badge] required)

  20. Blogarama (Reinstated)

  21. Blog Bank
    (Reciprocal link required)

  22. (The)Blog Bowl
    Reciprocal widget required

  23. Blog Catalog (PD)

  24. Blog.Cellarer

  25. Blog Clicker

  26. Blog Directory
    (Reciprocal link required)

  27. Blog Directory

  28. Blog Directory 123: Do Follow Blog Directory

  29. Blog Directory.Co



    (Reciprocal link required)

  33. Blog Dumps
    (Reciprocal link required)

  34. BlogExpat

    Expat Blog

  35. BlogFlux (PD)
    (5 posts minimum)

  36. Blogger Directory

  37. Bloggernity (PD)

  38. BloggerNow

  39. Bloggersblaze

  40. BloggerScope (Technical problem)!/submitSite

  41. BloggerSG

  42. Bloggers World Directory

  43. Blogger Talk Blog Directory

  44. Blogging Fusion (Re-instated)
    (Reciprocal link required)

  45. Blogging Women

    Also,see:Women Blog Directories Submit website today!

  46. blogher (PD)

  47. BlogHub (PD)

  48. Blog Listing (PD)

  49. Bloglog

  50. Blog Mommas

    Also, see:Mommy Blog Directory List Submit link.

  51. Blog Nation

  52. Blogness

  53. Blogoola

  54. Blogowogo (PD) (Technical problem)

  55. BlogRank (PD)

  56. Blog Rate Directory

  57. Blogrific

  58. Blog Roll Center (PD)

  59. Blogs Archive
    (Reciprocal link required)

  60. Blogs Avenue

  61. Blogs by Country
    (Reciprocal link required)

  62. Blog Search (PD)

  63. Blogs Monitor

  64. Blog Social Community & Directory (Technical problem)

  65. Blogs Rater

  66. Blogs That Follow

  67. Blogtoplist (PD)
    (Must add ranking HTML to your blog)

  68. BlogTopSites (PD)
    (Must Add Ranking HTML To Your Blog)

  69. BlogUpp (PD)
    (Blog widget required)

  70. Blogville (PD)

  71. Blog Web Directory

  72. Blorner

  73. Blozu

  74. Boing Boing (PD)

  75. Book Blog Directory

    Also, see:Book Blog Directory List for free web submission.

  76. Book Blog Directory

  77. Book Blog Directory

  78. Book Blogger Directory

  79. Book Blogger Directory (Technical problem)

  80. Book Blog Meme Directory

  81. Book Blog & Reviewer Directory

  82. BookLikes

  83. BoosterBlog

  84. Build RSS Feeds

  85. BuzzerHut

  86. Cancer Blog Directory

    EMS Blogs
    Medical Feeds
    MedWow's Medical Directory

  87. Chatterbility

  88. ChefThisUp

    Also, see:Powerful Food Blog Directory List

  89. China Blog List

  90. Chordata
    (Have several blog entries before submission)

  91. Chris' Blog List
    (Reciprocal link required)

  92. Citizen Beer Blog Directory

    Also, see:List Of Food Blog Directories

  93. Coastal Blogs

  94. Columbus Foodie

    Also, see:Food Blog Directory List

  95. Conseille Moi
    (Reciprocal Link required)

  96. Cooking Blog Directory

    Also, see:Cooking Blog Directory List

  97. Corzblog (PD)

  98. Coupon-Newbie (Email submission)
    (Reciprocal link required)

  99. Crayon
    (Content must be updated often)

  100. CuriousNomad

  101. Custom Clothing Directory

  102. Dave's Travel Corner

  103. Digital Point (PD)

  104. Directory Blogspot

  105. Directory Of Illustration

  106. Dir Well

  107. Dmegs
    (Reciprocal link required) Found on: Online Directory

  108. DoFollow (DF)

  109. DoFollow Blogs Search Engine (DF) (PD) (Inclusion based on live Google queries)

    Also, see:
    Google Blog Search

  110. DoFollow Blogs/Sites Search Engine (DF)

  111. Do Follow List (DF) (PD)

  112. Drop It 2 (DF)

  113. duoblogger (DF) (See "Include your blog for benefits")

  114. EdinBlogger

  115. EdTech Blog Directory

  116. edublogs (PD)

  117. Education Web Directory
    (Reciprocal link required)

  118. elearningfeeds

  119. EMS Blogs (Email Submission) (PD)

    Also, see:
    MedWow's Medical Directory

  120. EnergyPlanet

  121. Expat Blog (PD)


  122. Expats Blog

  123. Faithful Bloggers (Inclusive directory)

  124. Family Travel Blog Directory

  125. Feastie

    Also, see:Food Blog Directories

  126. Feed2List

  127. Feedage (PD)

  128. FeedListing

  129. Feedly

  130. (Translated page)

  131. Feed Shark (PD)

  132. FeedstarRSS (PD)

  133. Fibro Blogger Directory

  134. Find Blogs Now (Reported attack page)

  135. FindtheLuv (CommentLuv Directory)

  136. FindRSS

  137. FollowList (DF) (PD)

  138. Food411 /blogs_forums_food.php

    Submit blog here

    Also, see:List Of Food Blog Directories

  139. Food Blog (Email submission)


    Pinterest For Food Bloggers Ebook


  140. Food Blog Directory (Technical problem)

  141. Food Blog Directory (Email submission)

  142. Food Blogs (Email submission)

  143. FoodieBlogRoll

  144. Football Blog Directory (Soccer in USA and Canada)

    Also, see:Sports Blog Directory List

  145. (The) Football Blog Directory

  146. Free Advertising Exchange
    (Reciprocal link required)

  147. Free Blogger Directory

  148. Free Blog Listing
    (Reciprocal link required)

  149. Free RSS Directory

  150. Fridgg

    Also, see:List Of Food Blog Directories

  151. Fuel My Blog (PD)
    (Optional add ranking HTML to blog)

  152. GBT Blogger Network

  153. GeneaBloggers

  154. Generate RSS News Feeds

  155. GetMeCooking

    Also, see:List Of Cooking Blog Directories

  156. Google Blog Search (PD)

  157. GottaGetBlogging

  158. Gozoof (PD)

    Also, see:Food Blog Directory

  159. Great Travel Blogs

  160. Guardian Unlimited (PD) (Email submission)


  162. Hip Hat
    (Reciprocal link ad required)

  163. Hippo Web Solutions (DF)

  164. Hottest Blogs

  165. Hot vs Not (PD)

  166. House Blogging (Technical problem)

  167. How To Cook Fantastic Food (Email submission)

    Also, see:Cooking Blog Directories

  168. Hype Machine

    Also, see:Music Blog Directory List

  169. iBegin

  170. IceRocket (PD)

  171. I'm A Miss/Mrs Looking Good Blog Directory/

    Also, see:Women Blog Directory List

  172. IndiBlogger

  173. Indie Music Bus

    Also, see:Music Blog Directory List

  174. InfoListings (PD)

  175. International Bloggers Association

  176. IT Questionbank (Technical problem)

  177. (The) Jager Food & Travel Blog

    Also, see:Food Blog Directory

  178. Jazz Near You

  179. Jones Around The World

  180. Just Easy Recipes (Email submission)
    (Reciprocal link required)

    Also, see:List Of Food Blog Directories

  181. Lagu-Lagu

  182. Link-Blogs
    (Reciprocal link required)

  183. Linky Followers

  184. ListenUp

  185. Loaded Web (PD)

  186. Local Blog Directory
    (Reciprocal link required)

  187. LS Blogs

  188. Marketing Scoop (PD)
    (Reciprocal link required)

  189. Martial Arts Blog Directory

  190. MedWow's Medical Directory

    Also, see:
    EMS Blogs

  191. Metafeeder

  192. Middle Grade Mania

  193. Miles To Blog

  194. Million Blog List /Add_Your_Blog.html

  195. Mom Blog Directory

  196. Momdot (PD) (Email submission)

    Also, see:Mom Blog Directory List

  197. MomFuse
    (Reciprocal link required)

  198. Mommy Blogger Directory

  199. MoneyScience Blog Directory Email submission jacob(AT)

  200. MultifamilyBiz

  201. Music Blog Directory

    Also, see:Music Blog Directory List

  202. (The) Music Blog Directory 9th Edition 2016!submit-your-blog/p7akf

  203. Music Blogtrotter

  204. Muslimah Bloggers

  205. MyAlltop (PD)

  206. My Blog Directory

  207. My Recipe Magic

    Also, see:Cooking Blog Directory

  208. MyTaste

  209. (Translated page)

  210. NETime Channel

  211. NetworkedBlogs ((PD) Must be member of Facebook)

  212. NewsAlloy

  213. NewsIsFree

  214. NewsNow (PD)

  215. Niume

  216. (Translated page)

  217. Nutrition Blog Directory

  218. onTOPlist (PD)
    (Must add ranking HTML to blog)

  219. Open Directory Project --DMOZ (PD)

  220. Pawesome Blog Directory

  221. Pet Blog Directory

  222. Pick A Blogger

  223. (PD)

  224. Pingler

  225. Plazoo (PD)

  226. PoliceOne (PD)

  227. Portal To The Universe

  228. Promote Your Blog
    (Reciprocal link required)

  229. PtitChef (PD)

    Also, see:Food Blog Directory

  230. Publish RSS News Feeds

  231. Quiet Book Blog (I have included this link because I love books!)

  232. Regator (PD) (Page loads slowly)

  233. RSS 6

  234. RSS Chomp

  235. (Email submission)

  236. RSSING

  237. rss (Translated page)

  238. RSS Micro (PD)

  239. RSStop10
    (Reciprocal link required)

  240. (Translated page)

  241. Schneider Electric Blog

  242. Seo Blog's Directory Of Blogs
    (Reciprocal link required)

  243. Shoutyoursite

  244. Skinny Moose

  245. Small Business

  246. Smart Viper (PD)

  247. SOB A-Z Directory (PD)
    (Added contnet requirement)
    Here’s how to make this list:Add an outstanding idea, insight, or spark to the conversation going on this blog, or start a great conversation on your own blog and tell me about it. E-mail Liz at with a link to your post or a brief description of what you did. That’s all there is to it.

  248. Society of Socialpreneurs
    (Reciprocal link required)

  249. Source Forge (PD)

  250. Spearmint Baby Blog Directory
    (Reciprocal banner link required)

    Also, see:Mommy Blog Directory List

  251. SpecificFeeds

  252. SpillBean

  253. Sport Indexer

    Also, see:Sports Blog Directory List

  254. Sportskeeda

  255. SportsBlog

  256. SportsBlogs

  257. Sports Blogs Catalog

  258. Sports Blogs Directory

  259. Sports Card Blogroll (Email submission)
    bdj610 AT

  260. Spread My Blog

  261. Stage Of Life

  262. Storeboard (PD)

  263. Super Blog Directory

  264. Swoogle (PD)

  265. Tasteologie

  266. TasteSpotting

    Also, see:Cooking Blog Directory List

  267. TasteWant

  268. Tasty Kitchen

  269. Tasty Query

  270. Teen Book Blog Directory

  271. The Book Blogger List

  272. The Free Dictionary (PD)

  273. The Million Blogs

  274. TheMomBlogs
    (Reciprocal link required)

    Also,see:Moms Blog Directory List

  275. The Ulimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory

  276. The Ultimate R&B Music Blog Directory

  277. This Chick Blogs

    Also, see:Moms And Women Blog Directory List

  278. Today (PD)

  279. Top Artists' Directory

  280. Top Baby Blogs

    Also, see:Moms And Women Blog Directories

  281. Top Blogging (PD)
    (Optional add ranking HTML to blog)

  282. Topix (PD)

  283. Top Mommy Blogs

    Also, see:Mommy Blog Directories

  284. TopOfBlogs (PD)

  285. TopSites Directory (PD)

  286. Travel Blog Directory

    Also, see:
    Best Travel Blog Directory
    Travel Blog Directory List
  287. Travel Blog Directory

  288. TravelBlogDirectory

  289. Travel Blog Directory (Email submission)

  290. Travel Blog Directory

  291. Travel Blog Directory List

    Also, see cross-reference list above:
    Travel Blog Directory

  292. Travel Bloggers Directory

  293. Travel Bloggers Guide (Email submission)
    (Reciprocal link required)

  294. Travel Blogs – List of Top 2300 Travel Blogs

  295. Travel & Disability Blog Directory

  296. Tricia's Musings (DF)
    (Blogroll required)

  297. Twingly Blog Search (PD)

  298. UK Blog Directory and Business List

  299. (Technical problem)

  300. Very Good Recipes

    Also, see:Cooking Blog Directories

  301. Vive-le-Sport

  302. voiceBoks

  303. W3Streams

  304. We Believe Blogs (PD)

  305. Weblog Link Directory

  306. Weblogs (PD)


  308. (DF) (PD)
    (Google page rank of 1 or higher required)

  309. Wikio (PD) (Join-Log in-"Submit a site" found at bottom left)

  310. Wil's Domain (Re-instated) (Technical problem)

  311. Wingee - RSS Feed Directory

  312. World Blogs (PD) (Email Submission)

  313. (The) WPin Site Showcase

  314. Wunder Blog Directory (PD)

  315. Wutzle

  316. YA Book Blog Directory

  317. Yengus

  318. Zudo Official Web Blog Directory

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  1. Takumi86 December 26, 2008 9:55 AM

    Nice compilation list, i really can assure you that this will help for those who wants to make their blog to get indexed and more exposure. Thanks for those list 🙂

    Takumi86s last blog post..Happy Holidays!

  2. aroengbinang March 16, 2009 4:42 AM

    Hi, great works! Congratulations. I have added your site at my List of Blog Directories.

    aroengbinangs last blog post..Longing for the Past

  3. Robert A. Kearse March 17, 2009 10:47 PM

    Kai Lo:

    Thanks for the comments. I review the entire list WEEKLY so that accounts for the fact that there are NO DEAD LINKS.

    I started this list in April, 2008 with 145 entries.

    The list now stands at 416 and growing

    Robert A. Kearses last blog post..“One of the greatest business-building software systems I’ve seen, ever.”

  4. Roseli A. Bakar March 25, 2009 1:00 AM

    Great list Robert.

    Kudos to you 🙂

    Roseli A. Bakars last blog post..Write To Sell

  5. Online Book Promoter April 4, 2009 8:40 AM

    Excellent list, thanks for putting this together. I’ve bookmarked it – I know what I’m doing this weekend.

  6. Robert A. Kearse April 4, 2009 2:53 PM

    Online Book Promoter:

    Visited your site. You’ve got lots of valuable resources listed.

    Would you consider including this link List Of Blog Directories in your “Free Book Marketing and Online Promotion Resources” section??

    Thanks for any consideration you give.


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