List Building – Increase The Opt-In Rate
Of Your Squeeze Page Through Split Testing

List Building - Increase The Opt-In Rate Of Your Squeeze Page Through Split Testing

Do You Split Test??

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OK. It's confession time! I have never done any split testing whatsoever even though I know it's highly beneficial.

The simplest form of split testing is where you test two different versions of a single entity like:

  • A squeeze page
  • A headline
  • A background color
  • Or, dozens of other variables

You then simply use the alternative with the best performance. But, also, you can repeat this process on the same variable over and over.

But don't let my negligence stop you from learning about this excellent split testing technique.

The whole process (using Website Optimizer) is explained by Internet marketing guru, Rob Stafford, in an 11-minute free video.

Plus, Rob offers a free download of a highly converting squeeze page that he uses due to split testing.

Free Squeeze Page and Testing is Awesome?

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