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How To Turn Your Blog
Into One Giant Lead Funnel

How To Turn Your Blog Into One Giant Lead Funnel

Perfect Your List Building
Strategies And Techniques
In Order To Become A Potent
And Profitable Internet Force

Confession time. I should be on video 3 by Internet marketing guru, Jeff Johnson, but I'm only on video 2.

This second 21-minute video gives great list building and sales/lead funnel information:

  • Importance of a stand alone opt-in page
  • Turn traffic into leads
  • Turn leads into money
  • Split test everything (headlines, calls-to-action, etc.)
  • The value of a sales pitch

    to join your opt-in list
  • Multiple links pointing to your lead funnel
  • Crazy background images on opt-in form
  • Would you like 615 new opt-in leads per day?

Get this powerful and profitable info on Jeff's free video at:

Blogs should be the center of your traffic getting, list building universe:

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How To Make More Money
Blogging By Increasing Your Credibility

How To Make More Money Blogging By Increasing Your Credibility

Making Money Blogging Is
Not Rocket Science — Take
These Simple But Effective
Steps To Make More Profits

I have stated many times in the past on this blog what I view as the single most important concept regarding individual success on the Internet.

If you have a high level of credibility, it has a monetary value.

The way Jason Parker, Internet marketing guru, puts the same concept:

“Credibility equals sales.”

Here is a link to a free 6-minute video where Jason outlines specific tactics he uses to increase his credibility:

Simple But Effective Tactics To Improve Profits & Credibility



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