100 Million Reasons Why You Should Learn To
Master The Free Advertising Offered By YouTube

100 Million Reasons Why You Should Learn To Master The Free Advertising Offered By YouTube

Huge Promotional Benefits
Are Available For Free From
YouTube If You Learn A Few
Powerful Strategic Techniques

Have you posted any videos on
YouTube yet??

If not why not??

It’s a cold hard fact that over 100 MILLION videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

The “tools” needed to produce a YouTube marketing video are:

  1. Sufficient desire on your part

  2. A little creativity
  3. A webcam, video camera, or screen recording software

Here’s a link to a free resource that makes producing videos extremely easy, plus, it will build you a contact opt-in list when you give it away:

Easy Video Producer

Here is the essence of your strategy:

  • Your blog or Web site url should be the first part of your video description.

    This url will be hyperlinked. You will get a much higher click-thru rate leading with your url.

  • Use the “Insight” and “Discovery/External Links” radio buttons to find who has used or embedded your video.

    You can contact the webmaster and ask for a backlink.

  • You should put a page on your own blog or site that describes your YouTube video as well as embed the video on your site.

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