How To Get Backlinks From
Highly Relevant Web Sites And Blogs

How To Get Backlinks From Highly Relevant Web Sites And Blogs

Benefit From Highly Targeted
Blog Traffic Generated By
Backlinks From Relevant Lists
And Related Resource Directories

Blog traffic that is highly targeted is a precious asset.

Those targeted visitors will stay on your site longer, and the conversion rate (sales or opt-in list membership) will be significantly higher than from everyday traffic.

So, to find sites that are highly relevant to your blog or Web site you should look for sites that contain:

  1. Relevant lists

  2. Resource directories

To efficiently find these sites use these search terms on Google Blog Search or Google’s regular search engine

  • “Keyword phrase” + “add url”

  • “Keyword phrase” + “add site”

  • “Keyword phrase” + “add website”

For example, if the focus of your site is cooking and recipes, then enter:

“recipes” + “add url”

This technique was posted by Steven Clayton, guest blogger, on Clickbank Blog:

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    Thank you for sharing this post, it’s an eye opener information can help me in my web design practice. Great.

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