Powerful Headlines – What Are The First Two
Steps To Make Your Headlines Highly Effective?

Powerful Headlines – What Are The First Two Steps To Make Your headlines Highly Effective?

This Critical Skill Of
Writing Great Headlines
Also Applies To Writing
Great Email Subject Lines

The ability to write great headlines can easily translate into a fat bank account.

Few people will read your sales copy on commercial pages without a compelling headline.

Similarly, with the inundation of email spam combined with legitimate messages it is critically important to have a compelling subject line for your email messages.

Sean D’Souza, Internet marketing guru, has devised a free 9-part online course on how to write great headlines.

I read part 1, and he is off to an excellent start. His emphasis on adding a target and a specific to your headline is right on the money.

The examples he gives make for a convincing case.

Here is the link to Part 1:

How to write near-perfect headlines in minutes



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