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Two Twitter Tools To Make Your Life Easier
And Increase Your Social Media Authority Status

Two Twitter Tools To Make Your Life Easier And Increase Your Social Media Authority Status

Add To Your Twitter
Marketing Arsenal

Mastering The Use Of Twitter Means
That You Can Achieve An Instant
Impact Through Online Social Media

The Internet business landscape changes at a dizzying pace, and social media innovation occurs at a frantic rate.

Twitter tools that worked yesterday no longer work today.

I use to use Tweepi to unfollow dormant accounts or those that no longer follow me, but Twitter forced them to discontinue it’s nofollow feature so I have moved on.

I now use tweepsmap for several functions.

First, take a look at how you can get a map of where your followers are located around the world:

I have about 4,500 followers, (updated 9/22/16), and this is how their global distribution looks with tweepsmap.

This screenshot is not as clear and distinct as your actual account will show.

The numbers within the small squares indicate the percentage of followers in a particular country.

Above is the control panel from the left column once you log into tweepsmap.

Under “Community Building” you can deal with “Inactive accounts” and accounts that are “Not Following Back”.

The number of accounts you can deal with are limited under the “free” option, but sufficient for my purposes.

Be sure to add tweepsmap to your social media marketing arsenal.

Twitter Marries RSS And
They Live Happily Ever After

This notice is to alert you to valuable software that enables you to make a RSS feed from your tweets on one or more Twitter profiles.

This software originates from Internet marketing guru, Anthony Hayes. You can use one Twitter profile or combine multiple profiles to make a single RSS feed.

There are 4 slots for data entry with this tool:

  1. Title
    You can choose a crucial keyword or keyword phrase for SEO benefits.
  2. Link
    This is the link to your Twitter profile page
  3. Description
    You should include some long-tail keywords in this slot
  4. Twitter Username(s)
  5. If you enter more than one link in #2 above, then enter the corresponding usernames here.

I suggest you do some serious thinking and planning about specific/multiple Twitter profiles for a narrow keyword(s), backlink, and/or SEO focus.

Certain feeds you create can become part of your personal private blog network.

You can do mutual promotion with others active on the Internet to include their backlinks in tweets and retweets.

Also, your Internet marketing strategy would be incomplete without submitting your RSS feed(s) to RSS feeds directories. Start today on this task and bookmark this RSS directory list.

RSS Feeds Directories List

Be sure to add this resource to your Internet marketing arsenal ==>>

Twitter RSS Feed Tool

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