Ten Ways Facebook Can Benefit
Your Business, Blog, Or Web Site

Ten Ways Facebook Can Benefit Your Business, Blog, Or Web Sitetitle><br /> <meta NAME="description" CONTENT="10 specific steps to take to maximize profits and traffic from Facebook"./><br /> <!-- The Web page is about 10 specific steps to take to maximize profits and traffic from Facebook". --><br />

Facebook's Marketing
Power Must Be Used!

Any Online Resource That
Has Over 500 Million Users
Should Be A Focus For Your
Internet Marketing Strategy

If you are not using
Facebook as a resource, it means you are falling behind in the competitive race.

Here are 10 specific steps to take and my added comments:

  1. Create a fan page

  2. Very few of the restricitions on your profile page apply to the fan page.

  3. Link and comment

    Personalise your page with comments and evaluation.

  4. Integrate your blog

  5. Postlinks to your blog and web site.

  6. Encourage discussion

    There is a discussion tab. Use it. Create threads relevant to your blog/web site or business and invite questions.
  7. Put a face to your name

  8. Multiple images and a bio in your photos tab is highly recommended.

  9. Offer freebies

    Refer to my recent post:

    Make Money Online – How To Make Money Giving Away Free Information Or Free Products
  10. Run competitions
  11. Use your imagination.

  12. Promote your events
  13. You should master use of the Facebook events tab.

  14. Promote your page every day
  15. A link to your Facebook fan page in your email signature means you have a tool that is likely to be in use every day.

  16. Commit to the long-haul
  17. Think of you andFacebook as a marriage and act accordingly.

This info was based on a post by Nikki Pilkington:

Ten Ways Facebook Can Benefit Your Business

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