Why Viral Advertising Is
So Powerful And Profitable

Why Viral Advertising Is So Powerful And Profitable

Use The Inherent Leverage
In Certain Advertising Programs
To Increase Your Wealth

First a definition is in order:

Definition of viral:

On the Internet a program or resource is viral
if it has a built-in incentive to spread.

All Wealth Accumulation Involves Leverage

Second, we must focus on the use of leverage:

Everyone is familiar with financial leverage where you borrow money as in a mortgage to buy real estate.

But here we are focusing on
operating leverage, such as leveraging your time.

You can leverage your time through increased productivity or through hiring employees.

Additional employees will increase your
output per hour.

Viral Advertising Programs

Certain advertising programs have huge operating leverage.

Multi level advertising programs where you benefit from the output of downline members can offer an unlimited amount of leverage.

So, utilizing such advertising programs is like hiring additional employees (increasing operating leverage) with one fundamental difference:

There is no financial cost for the added output (no employee wages or salaries).

No financial costs means increased profits and wealth!

When you understand this connection thoroughly, you will systematically look for advertising resources that give you maximum leverage.

Understanding this concept means that you understand one of the essential keys to great wealth.

Two Viral Advertising Programs with Leverage

  1. Viral Ads Unleashed

  2. Using this extraordinary program means you have access to an ad network with multiple Web sites.

    Your message can take different formats and the multi level leverage offered is powerful.

    Very Strong Viral Advertising

  3. HitsFrenzy

  4. An easy to use viral advertising program that can be used to increase other free ad programs with leverage.

    Use HitsFrenzy To Greatly Increase Your Wealth

Both of these free-to-join programs should be promoted relentlessly to extend their reach and magnify the power of the leverage offered.



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