10 Ways To Get To Retweet Heaven!

HowTo Get To Retweet Heaven

I Can’t Wait To
Retweet Your Stuff!

Learning How To Maximize The
Impact Of Your Social Media
Content Is A Critical Internet
Marketing Skill You Must Master

Whatever social media channel you choose to distribute your content it is important to master all levels of promotion within that channel.

Here are 10 ways to leverage the distribution power of Twitter retweets.

  1. Ask for the retweet.

    “Say what? It can’t be that simple.”

    . . .but it is!

    You will get 23 X the average number of retweets simply by asking, Please Retweet
  2. Include hashtags.

    If a keyword is included in the original tweet, you don’t need to repeat it in a hashtag.

    However, hashtagging related keywords will increase the number of times your tweet comes up in searches and thus increase the number of retweets.
  3. Pin selected tweets.

    At the bottom menu of every tweet at the extreme right you will see

    Click on the dots and from the dropdown menu click, “Pin to your profile page”.

    This pin means the selected tweet will stay at the top of your profile page, be seen by your followers more, and will get more retweets.

    You can un-pin the tweet at any time.
  4. Follow and they promise to retweet.

    For business retweets
    For technology retweets
  5. Get your quotes retweeted.


    3 Cool Ways To Increase Retweets When You Post A Quote On Twitter

    For quote retweets
  6. Include relevant images.

    Very important strategy. See a full explanation at:

    Multiply The Retweets Of Your Twitter Content By Including Relevant Images
  7. Learn YOUR best time to tweet according to when most of your followers are on line.

  8. Post your tweet multiple times.

    Post original tweet at least 3 times the first day (maybe 8 hours apart). Then twice a day for two more days.

    Repost it at least once per week for a month.

    For your best posts repost at least once per month for 6 months.

    Vary your headline and hashtags but keep the same image, because you want followers to recognize reposts and not get aggravated by repeatedly clicking on old tweets.

    Be aware that most automated posting services do not post the image, only the url to the image.

    Lack of an image will lower follower engagement.

    Please retweet
  9. (Don’t forget to ask in your posts and reposts.

  10. Consistently retweet valuable content from your followers with the following formats:

    via @taxtorpedo
    RT @taxtorpedo

    (Just substitute appropriate username).

    Generally, I tack on the first choice at the end of the retweet OR start the retweet with the second choice.
  11. Make tweets 120 characters or less.

    You must leave some character room for the retweeter.

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  1. Sanu Siddharth November 8, 2015 7:11 PM

    Hi Dear,
    This is really very help guide for me because i’m going good by these tips actually got 100 followers in a week .

    Actually twitter is awesome game of Re-tweets and Proper Hashtags and we can drive lot of traffic from Twitter .

    Thanks 🙂

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