47 Top Priority Blog Directories That
Should Be On Your “Must Join” List

The Best Blog Directories And
RSS Submission Sites That Will
Give Your Blog Quality Backlinks
And Targeted Blog Traffic

This newly updated list is a revision of the original sub-category of Priority Directories that appeared in the April 25, 2008 post, Increase Blog Traffic Through The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites.

All of the [tag-tec]blog directories[/tag-tec] and [tag-tec]RSS submission sites[/tag-tec] in the updated list have an Alexa ranking of less than 80,000. This means they are all getting plenty of traffic, so you in turn rate to get some targeted traffic for your blog from a successful listing.

You can access the new list by following the link below which will take you to the sub-category, Priority Directories, which is part of the weekly updated list:The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites.

Priority Directories

Do not submit to this entire group of priority [tag-ice]blog directories[/tag-ice] in one day.

Follow a schedule of 3-5 submissions per day and you will develop a strong backlink (one-way links) structure over the long-term.

Once you have completed the priority directories submit to the rest of the 233 directories listed on the same daily schedule.

You should also maintain a similar regular schedule of article submissions (on topics closely related to your blog's most important keywords).

In the article resource box should go [tag-tec]backlinks[/tag-tec] to your blog with the most important keywords as anchor text.

This combination of directory backlinks and article backlinks should grow to a massive backlink structure over the long term, which will result in your dominating top search engine positions and receiving substantial targeted traffic to your blog.



124 Priority Blog And RSS Feed Directories – Grow Your Backlinks And Targeted Blog Traffic

DoFollow Blog Directories Are A Valuable Resource To Improve Link Popularity And Page Rank

Increase Blog Traffic Through The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites


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