A List Building Secret That
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It's A Mystery Why More Bloggers Don't Use This List Building Technique?

List Building Profits

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Today's list building technique is as simple, direct, and highly effective as yesterday's procedure with blog comments.

This procedure can be used on ordinary Web sites as well as on blogs:

Turn your homepage into a landing page!

By that I mean visitors to your site will have three choices:

  1. Join your list
  2. Go to blog/interior pages
  3. Leave

Opt-in increases of 92% to 200% have been realized using this technique.

If you are offering a free incentive to join your list that has real value, your results will be even stronger.

If people choose not to opt-in, you can have hyperlinks to the latest posts or internal features on the landing page.

See the example of the blog, Copyblogger

Use your own version of this technique, and your list building results will accelerate and flourish.

The original idea for this post came from Gregory Ciotti on the blog DailyBlogTips:

3 Email Conversion Techniques I Guarantee You Haven’t Tried Yet

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