Blog And Ping — Expanded
List Of Ping Services

Blog And Ping — Expanded List Of Ping Services

Achieve Widespread Distribution
Of Your Fresh Blog Content
Instantly By Pinging This
Expanded List of Ping Services

This post was motivated by
Jack Humphrey, who just published the ping list that he uses.

List Of Ping Services

In case you are not thoroughly familiar with the blog and ping process, here is a quick explanation:

Blog means to publish fresh content on your blog.

Ping means to notify the “ping servers” (the ping services) that you have published new content, which can then generate a list of blogs that have new material.

This notification comes in the form of a message (an XML-RPC signal) sent automatically to the ping services.

Many blog directories, RSS feed directories, and search engines will have subscribed to the RSS feeds of the ping services, so they too will have instant notification of fresh blog contnet.

It’s important that you understand this process so that you will be sure to have a comprehensive list of ping services entered in your blog’s administrative panel.

In WordPress go to “Settings” ==>>“Writing” ==>>“Update Services” (at the bottom of the screen).

Be sure to consult this blog post that details a MUST HAVE plugin so you will not violate pinging guidelines:

Blog And Ping – List Of Ping Services

Enter the [tag-tec]list of ping services[/tag-tec] I have listed below. This ping list consists of 142 entries, 67 ping services from my existing list plus 75 others, listed in red from Jack Humphrey’s list.

One of my sources for the original list was the Jeff Johnson ping list.

(There should a line break after each entry. This list satisfies that requirement.

You’ll notice that many of the ping services on Jack’s [tag-tec]ping list[/tag-tec] are country-specific listings for Google Blog Search.

This range should give your blog content much wider distribution, so update your list of ping services immediately.



Blog And Ping – List Of Ping Services

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