Get Key Pages Or Blogs Indexed
Quickly With The Pingomatic Bookmarklet

Get Key Pages Or Blogs Indexed Quickly With The Pingomatic Bookmarklet

Index New Content
With Potent Online Tool

Are You Sure That The New
Backlinks And Pages With
New Content You Created
Have Been Indexed On The Web?

Getting backlinks by submitting your blogs or Web sites to blogs directories or RSS feed directories has long been an effective marketing strategy.

What is not generally known is that some of those directory pages with your blog’s url do not get indexed.

Your listing my be 22 levels deep in a particular directory. Search engine spiders often do not crawl that deeply.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to see that the pages with your listings get indexed.

By the way, just because a page gets crawled does not mean it automatically gets indexed.

(This Internet marketing thing can get pretty complicated!)

Ping-o-matic is one online service that pings your submitted page to the blog search engines instantly.

Internet marketing guru, Sean Donahoe, created the Pingomatic Bookmarklet that you can add to your browser and then you just press the link to automatically ping the current page you are on.

With this powerful tool the title and url are detected from the current page you’re on, and all you have to do is click.

Add the Pingomatic Bookmarklet to your browswer:

  • Right click “Drag Me To Your Bookmark Toolbar!” below and drag it to your Bookmark Toolbar
  • OR

  • Right Click “Drag Me To Your Bookmark Toolbar!” below and Bookmark it to your Bookmark Toolbar

Drag Me To Your Bookmark Toolbar!

Once the link is in your toolbar you can “right click” it, and then click on Properties from the drop down menu and rename it (Ping It, etc.).

This is a link to Sean’s original post announcing the Pingomatic Bookmarklet:

Pingomatic Bookmarklet – Ping Any Page Any Time

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